Working with difficult friends
Trabajar con Amigos Difíciles

Working with difficult friends

The sources of stress are numerous in our professional life: transportation, difficult clients, objectives, relationships with your boss? to this can come to add the presence at work of a “toxic” friend who can clearly damage our well-being at work and have negative consequences for our productivity.

How do you cope with this pressure?

Throughout your career, you have a great chance of crossing traits. To avoid poisoning your daily life, you must recognize the signs and adopt good behavior.
In a professional environment, a toxic personality can manifest itself in different ways. Often, it is not easy to detect the first signs or even to realize that this friend exerts a negative grip. Following awareness of behavior that seems inappropriate, it is first necessary to put words to this behavior.

The seductive friend

This type of person tends to send you more or less regularly compatible complements or even multiplies physical contacts. The latter, without taking sexual harassment, constitutes an interference in your private sphere. He will also ask you intimate questions or offer to meet you outside the office.

The aggressive friend

The aggressive friend enters a rogue for a yes or no, does not hesitate to denigrate your work or make negative judgments about you, your attitude, your attendance, your relations with the hierarchy… he also refers them in question.

The sly friend

This is also a classic. Navigating the waters with problems, alternating compliments and reproaches. He is never clear in his comments and seems to systematically plunge you into confusion. Rather clever, he seems to play a role that becomes the particular irritant in the long run.

The jealous friend

He focuses on destroying your positive emotions by fragile comments or discounts in question with nothing can justify such an attitude. In addition, he creates your smaller data and gestures to issue negative opinions. It may emit some signs of depression.

How to react to a toxic friend?

Sometimes it is difficult to adopt the right attitude towards a difficult friend, but the most important thing is not to go to his game. Toxic figures are often narcissistic and manipulative. As soon as you react or show signs that their behavior hurts, these people are comforted in their attitude and will accentuate their inappropriate behavior. As a result, you must take a step back.

  • Use humor. Humor is an excellent cure.  In fact, you can replicate ironic responses that will make their aggression completely out of order.
  • Reverse bet: be nice, pleasant, smiling.
  • Try as much as possible to calm the game.

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