What flaws can I admit to in a job interview?
¿Qué defectos puedo admitir en una entrevista de trabajo?

What flaws can I admit to in a job interview?

This is one of the most classic questions in hiring interviews and perhaps one of the most feared candidates: What is your main fault? If it’s so tricky it’s that it requires an answer that corresponds to a real flaw, but that’s not too disqualifying.
Candidates who answer that their main flaw is being a “perfectionist” dodge the question… in fact, they give the recruiter the impression of not being perfectly honest and not playing the game. So what types of real flaws can then be assumed in this context?

1. Impatience

Impatience is a real flaw that can hide your judgment, but it is also a typical characteristic of passionate and energetic temperaments. By admitting this slightly negative character trait, you put it in front of much more positive traits.

2. Ambition

Excessive ambition can sometimes lead to unwise choices and poor integration within a team. Therefore, recruiters may be wary of this type of profile. But they also know that an ambitious employee will give his best to try to get promotions, recognition and salary revaluation.

3. Nervousness

To say that you are subject to stress, that you are often nervous or even anxious, you may suggest to the recruiter that some tasks will be more difficult than others: public speaking, emergency work, etc. But by admitting this personality trait, you also show that you take the assignments you are given seriously and do your best to cope.

4. Control

“I always want to control everything”, this is a typical admission of people who don’t know how to delegate work that should be and who tend to encroach on their employees’ attributions. But this flaw is also a sign of strong organizational skills and a strong commitment to work. Two qualities that many recruiters are looking for.

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