Tips for managing a busy period
Consejos para gestionar un periodo de mucho trabajo

Tips for managing a busy period

Regardless of the sector in which your business is evolving, peaks of activity may occur, forcing teams to work under pressure and/or emergency, for longer or shorter periods.

1. Anticipate and plan

Start by specifically identifying the objectives behind this additional workload. If necessary, specify by your hierarchy what is expected of you, be sure to go in the right direction.

Associate a priority order for each task. This will focus your work on the most important tasks, and perhaps eliminate subtasks that seem superfluous. The ideal is to accomplish this step with the involvement of your hierarchy or, at least, to validate your prioritization by your superior.

Finally, each action should have a clear deadline. On this basis, you can mount a retroplebranning, which will track your progress and possible delays, but also to communicate more easily with your teams.

2. Communicate and delegate

Do not forget that you are not alone:

– On the tasks you lend, delegate and empower your teams and collaborators. Whenever possible, anticipate the maximum and take the time to briefly the people who will second it. This upward “lost” time will ensure that this momentum does not backfire.
– Keep an open line of communication with your teams, but also with your hierarchy, so that everyone has clear visibility into the progress of the project, and everyone’s role.

3. Keep time to yourself

When we have a head under water, from overhead work, we can’t imagine taking a break or spending a base. And yet, to save a few spaces in the middle of a rush period is unquestionably beneficial. Just a few minutes of pause can make a real difference in terms of motivation and productivity.

Some ideas for wise breaks:

Sport: After 30 minutes of physical activity, the body releases endorphins, the famous happiness hormones. Ideal for reducing stress, but also fatigue.
Meditate: just a few minutes a day are enough to see the positive effects of relaxation. Decreased anxiety, increased self-confidence, better stress management, etc., the practice of meditation is more undeniable to live better a period of haste.
Sleep: good nights of sleep are essential to ensure intense days of work. The ideal is not dropping below 5 hours of sleep per night. You also have the option of microphones during the day: they make it possible to find productivity and vigilance in a few moments.

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