Tips for an online interview
Consejos para una entrevista online

Tips for an online interview

In a globalized economy, and today in confinity, the number of people in the world working remotely, including recruiters, continues to grow. Therefore, hiring interviews by phone or video are becoming more and more common. If the candidate you need to meet is in another city or another country, they are naturally necessary.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for, make the most of and successfully pass your online interview.

Don’t try to improvise

Although more and more common interviews, online interviews require some preparation. As the interviewer, it is your responsibility to predefine the expectations and details of remote maintenance with the candidate. You will initiate the call as a recruiter. After choosing the best platform, you will share with the candidate the name and title of all others who may join the interview. Clear communication of the meeting details will put the candidate at ease and make the process smoother overall.

Plan a Plan B

Make sure you have the candidate’s email and phone number at your fingertips so you can easily contact them. You may decide to perform maintenance over the phone rather than video. Another common problem, especially if you or the candidate works at home, is bandwidth. Simultaneous connection of multiple people in an apartment or house can create trade-offs or other problems with videoconferencing tools.

Although the case is not ideal, you can try to solve this problem, if necessary, by disabling the video function of the application you use during maintenance. You can then continue to talk to it on the platform, but do not benefit from the image. You can also try to schedule maintenance at a time when fewer people are logged in.

Minimize distractions

During maintenance, disable alerts and jacks, and affix on your door, a note says you are not available. Avoid conducting remote interviews in busy areas of your home or in public places. This often tends to disrupt candidates. Also try to reduce movement during online maintenance. If you are constantly moving or fidgeting, the other person may find it difficult to focus on the conversation.

Adopt a professional appearance

Dress as if you are going to work, even if you are at home, and make sure that the background the candidate sees during remote maintenance does not contain any distracting elements. Many video conferencing applications allow you to set a blank background.

Be prepared

Have a printed copy of the resume and your list of questions to ask the candidate. It can also be helpful to plug in a few minutes in advance to check that all the technical aspects are working properly and not to rush at the beginning of the interview.

Be attentive to facial expressions and tone of voice

Keep a calm voice and express yourself clearly, while observing by smiling and laughing if necessary, as you would in person. Your goal is to show the other person that you are engaged in the conversation. Also, leave a few seconds flowing after each sentence or after asking a question to limit interruptions in the dialogue. Don’t forget to look at the camera when you express yourself, not your own image or the image of the other person, as tantalizing as it may be.

At the end of remote interviews, communicate with the candidates following the process and ask them if they have questions. Also be sure to thank them for the time they spent with you. Remember that during an online maintenance, you are representing your business. A successful video maintenance will help you give candidates a positive impression of your organization.

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