Reconciling work and family life: 5 tips for achieving it
Conciliación de la vida laboral y familiar: 5 sugerencias para conseguirla

Reconciling work and family life: 5 tips for achieving it

With new technologies, our professional lives are increasingly encroaching on our personal lives. An increase in work can lead to increased stress, fatigue, even burnout. So how do you manage to reconcile your work with your family life and hobbies? Enlightenment in our solutions.

1. Setting up a hierarchy in your tasks

Faced with a multitude of tasks to perform, whether at work or in your personal life, it is essential to define clear priorities. Fun in the to-do list to do so by indicating which are the most important things. Be concise and, above all, realistic: everything cannot be done in one day? Spread all your tasks over several days.

Some projects do not reach the expected pace? You may need to review their priority. But agree that everything is not in priority number 1. Learn to prioritize tasks to achieve and therefore manage your time is crucial to anticipate and enable a good vision in the medium and long term.

To have an effective time management and ensure a better life of personal life balance, it is also important to manage to identify all the little things that only take little separately, but that, put end, have a real impact on productivity: the mailbox to clean, the meetings that do not end, invitingly calls, etc.. Once dissipated, you will be able to develop strategies to counteract them.

Our brain is more efficient in the morning. Therefore, it is preferable to plan priority tasks at the beginning of the day, and those that require less concentration at the end of the day.

2. Learn to delegate

At work, as at home, you may tend to want to do everything yourself. But is it really indispensable? Ask yourself the question: Can this task be done by someone other than me? For everyone, want to do it yourself, we can quickly find ourselves overwhelmed and under pressure. Delegate and share the tasks to be performed is therefore important.

The time spent on training teams / person (s) who will accomplish these tasks will be quickly returned by free time that will free you up later. On the other hand, letting someone else accomplish a task is often beneficial, as it will relieve you of burdens and you will be delegating correctly.

3. Develop your work organization

Another key to professional work and personal life can be to develop your work organization.
Why not adopt teleworking? Working from home makes it possible to avoid incidental transportation times, but also the inevitable interruptions in the office, while working more flexible hours. Cherry on the cake, telecommuting employees are more productive.
You can also work in organized hours: respecting certain scheduled times, it is possible to request a layout of your arrival and departure times. Ideal to be present at the morning meeting, but also at the departure of your children’s school.

4. Know how to set clear limits

Don’t take on an additional project while you are already swamped. These boundaries are unique to each of you, but draw up a course of action. Don’t respond to emails at night, on the weekend or during your vacation. Do not accept meetings risking to drag, from a certain time. Refuse meetings at breakfast.

5. Take real breaks

Last but not least, you need to succeed in taking the time to achieve work-life balance. Get real moments where you can win and disconnect completely: practice a sport activity, relaxation, simple walk, etc. For maximum benefit, during this moment of relaxation, give yourself a disconnection from emails, social networks, etc.

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