Phone interview: 4 tips to make it a success
Entrevista telefónica: 4 consejos para que sea un éxito

Phone interview: 4 tips to make it a success

No, the phone interview is not a simple formality. Although it is shorter than a face-to-face interview, this step can be decisive for the rest of the recruitment process and should not be neglected!.
Your goal. Convince the recruiter of the interest of your application. We give you the keys to move to the next stage of recruitment and get a job.

1. Know why you are applying for this offer

On the day of the interview, you should have a number of key elements, starting with the business area(s), your values or your news.

Take the time to re-read the job offer and understand the missions. The recruiter may ask you what your motivations are for joining the company and filling this particular position. The more accurate and relevant the answers, the more likely you are to be selected. Finally, consider taking notes and preparing questions to ask the recruiter.

2. Anticipate some questions

During a phone interview, it is common for the recruiter to ask the candidate a summary of his or her career. There is no need to go into details and start in long sentences, it should be concise. To do this, nothing better than a training a few days before to train you to succinctly describe your professional experiences. To help you, write down the key words that best describe your career and the assignments you have done.

Does the position to be filled require the practice of a foreign language? Feel free to learn a few key phrases in English. What are the other possible questions? Those related to business changes as well as downtime. Before the phone interview, you should be able to justify your choices and your career: Why did you choose a reorientation? Why a sabbatical?

3. Train yourself to speak on the phone

The telephone interview is not limited to the content of the answers given by the candidate! Your intonation as well as your flow of words are also taken into account by recruiters.

The voice provides information on items such as motivation, the ability to communicate well or self-confidence. So you have to show your energy, converse mainly as possible, all without being too talkative or too close.

However, shyness and nervousness can paralyze candidates, nothing like training to put yourself in condition and learn to express yourself fluently! Do not hesitate to smile on the phone and show you amendment: knowledge is increasingly in the final choice of recruiters.

4. Choose a professional place to talk on the phone

The place from which you will do the telephone maintenance. First, put it in situations: your attitude will necessarily be different if you talk to a desk or you are stretched out on your couch. You should avoid being in a relaxing posture.

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