Key words to apply for a job
Palabras clave para solicitar empleo

Keywords to apply for a job

Keywords are essential elements of the recruitment process. Employers must choose them carefully, to curate the visibility of their ads and make the items easily understandable. Likewise, candidates should not neglect this essential step. Stand out and catch the eye of recruiters.

Keywords, your showcase

Keywords have an essential place, especially to be stopped by the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), these robots used by many companies to scan and sort CVs. If such software makes it possible to save time for recruiters, candidates must adapt their CV to these robots. Who says the keyword, also says that it is referenced. In the form of a website, your resume will be referenced in search engines. It is also valid for your LinkedIn profile that your profile will only appear to them, if the appropriate keywords are present in the job offer they apply for. For example:

Java programmer job offer” and you have in your LinkedIn profile in the part of your work experience or your skills the word “Java” you will appear in the results of the job offer they just entered of “Java programmer job offer”.

If the recruiter prints your CV, they should also be able to understand the essentials: the position you are looking for, your availability, your professional experience. Our recruiting experts point out that only a few seconds pass on a CV and you should attract the recruiters with what you have written. If you don’t have a good resume template, we have free resume templates available.

How to find relevant keywords?

Before you start writing your CV and cover letter, read the job offer and highlight all the keywords that seem essential and interesting:


“Accounting and financial auditing”

“Data protection”

“Team management”

“Transition management”


Work the keywords you highlighted, as well as their lexical field and synonyms (e.g., “Executive Secretary” or “Management Assistant”) and use the correct verbs. For example:

I have worked as “your position.”

I have developed as “your position”.

I have unemployed as “your position”.

Be specific, without making your work experience too long, as recruiters have lots of other people’s CVs. If your posting involves control of particular software, it is essential to state this and all the programs you have used. For example, a web developer may specialize in JavaScript, Symfony, CSS, etc.

Go look at the resumes of people with the same functions as you and take out positives and negatives so that you can replicate it in your own and improve it. Millions of resumes are available on job portals. If you have found these profiles, you have referenced them correctly and mentioned the right keywords, you will have to do the same so that companies can find you and be interested in you and start having your first job interview and finally get your stable job.

Where to place the keywords?

Once the keywords of your work experience are found, you should structure your resume with the CV templates we have indicated to successfully get a job. At the top of your CV, clearly mention the type of position you are looking for, your field of activity and your geographical area where you live or want to work.

If you are sending your CV by e-mail or if you are applying for an offer on job portals, indicate again the title of the position in the “Subject” box. A CV should be in line with the motivation letter. The main keywords should also appear in the cover letter to maintain consistency in the job offer. So your doubts will have been solved.