Is it necessary to put a photo in cv?
Curriculum vitae ¿es necesario poner foto?

Is it necessary to put a photo in cv?

These questions are often asked by job seekers. And everyone has their own answer, which is not always well-founded! Some people say that it is important to put a photo of yourself on your CV nowadays, while others think that it is useless. A good photo on the CV is a good first contact with the recruiter, so follow my advice. To make it clearer for you, I will tell you what to do in each situation. This will let you know whether or not to put a photo on your CV.

Is it necessary to add photo in resume?

Putting a photo on your CV is not mandatory, and no employer or recruiter should hold it against you or let you know. In the same way there is no obligation to show your age. If you are not comfortable with your appearance, you should know that nothing obliges you to insert a photo of yourself in your CV. The decision to include a photo on your CV also depends on the acceptance of your appearance.

Photo resume tips

Instead of making a long speech and an endless list of tips, I will show you in images the photos that should not be reproduced. I have also created a map with tips to follow and mistakes to avoid. This allows you, at a glance, to understand what makes a good CV photo.

  • No selfies, bad clothes and the background is not suitable at all.
  • No avatars or photos that don’t represent you. Especially no Snapchat photos.
  • The picture is of poor quality and too dark.

Do you think I should put a picture on my CV?

Don’t listen to those who tell you that if you are a salesperson you should put a photo on your CV. It is recommended, but it is not mandatory either. A recruiter spends a lot of time looking at your photo You should know that, on average, a recruiter spends 19% of the time on the CV looking at the photo. In other words, the recruiter spends 81% of the time looking at the information contained in your CV, if there is a photo. Whereas if your resume does not have a photo, the recruiter remains 100% focused on the information contained in your resume.

Some explanations are in order:

  1. A candidate with little professional experience needs to add content to his CV, a bit of substance… the strategy to adopt here is to insert a photo to keep the recruiter’s attention on the CV. Indeed, with little experience, it is important that the recruiter keeps spending time on your CV. Additional information: Some recruiters (not all) tell me that they remember CVs with a photo more. Obviously, junior positions have the most candidates, so it can be interesting to put a photo on the CV.
  2. Conversely, an employee with a solid track record has no interest in putting a photo because the recruiter will spend 19% of their time on average looking at the photo rather than the candidate’s various experiences. This will dissipate the recruiter’s attention. The candidate is interested in presenting their professional experience and not their image. I like the way I look, I spend my time in front of the mirror.

On the other hand, if you accept yourself as you are, you can add a photo, but be careful to follow the tips above.

What makes a good CV photo?

A good CV photo is one that makes the recruiter think that you have the qualities and skills needed for the job. Some recruiters have given candidates a chance simply because the photo inspired confidence, dynamism, cheerfulness and friendliness. Character traits that are often appreciated by employers. There is nothing logical or scientific about this, it is simply human feeling…. In the end, your CV photo should represent you and simply make the recruiter want to get to know you.

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