How to write a CV for an administrative position?
¿Cómo redactar un CV para un puesto de administrativo?

How to write a CV for an administrative position?

Attentive to detail, efficient, proactive? These are just a few examples of the qualifications and skills sought by managers when recruiting an administrative assistant, but how to get the message across when applying? Here are six tips for administrative assistants to write a powerful CV.

1. Choose the right format

Many candidates organize their CV in chronological order to detail their career path, from their most recent jobs to their oldest. This is an effective format if you have gradually taken on more responsibilities from one position to another.
On the other hand, if you are a recent graduate, have no experience as an administrative assistant or want to draw attention to your strengths directly related to the job to be filled, you are more interested in creating a functional CV, i.e., organized by Skills, successes and other compelling aspects of your career, resort to the chronological by date format.
A third option is to combine both sizes. A mixed CV first presents a summary of your main skills and qualifications, then the chronological list of positions you have held. It allows you to highlight your qualifications and accomplishments related to the publication to which you are applying, then illustrate them by detailing your career.

2. Start strong

If you start your CV with a professional summary, mention the points that set you apart by showing that you have all the skills required in the job description. One or two lines are enough to immediately hold the attention of hiring officials and encourage them to read on. Here are some examples :

“Certified versatile administrative assistant with a good knowledge of technology tools.”
“Recent college graduate, exceptional organization and research skills, database management experience and solid customer service skills.”
“Effective problem solver in compliance with objectives, advanced Microsoft Office experience.”
“Five years of administrative assistant experience, strong oral and written communication skills, strategic planning experience.”

3. Keep it simple

While video and infographic CVs may look trendy, your goal is to present an intuitive document that doesn’t require additional work for recruiting officers. Since administrative assistants are supposed to be excellent communicators who are perfectly organized and attentive to the smallest detail, your CV should demonstrate your ability to write and communicate clearly and succinctly.

4. Add keywords

Many managers use filtering software that locates keywords on CVs to find out if your skills and experience match the desired profile. To reduce the risk of being filtered out, format your CV by restating the words and expressions from the job offer, but only if they reflect your career and experience.
Be precise. For example, if the ad says the company is looking for a person who can handle multiple phone lines, use the term “Multiple phone lines” on your CV instead of “answered phone calls.” If the job posting cites “Mastery of Excel” among the position requirements, you should resume the word “Excel” on your resume instead of using the term “Mastery of SpreadSheets.”

5. Customize your resume

Don’t use the same resume and the same motivational letter for every employer. You should customize your resume tailored to the requirements of each position. For example, highlight your PowerPoint proficiency if the job description specifies that the new recruit will need to assist leaders who regularly deliver presentations. Similarly, cite their knowledge of video conferencing tools and skills if leaders manage remote teams. Highlight your experience collaborating with outside vendors or administrative managers if the item requires office reopening management. This additional customization effort can accelerate your job search.

6. Refer carefully

Finally, no resume will help you get a position if it is full of spelling and grammar errors. Thoroughness is one of the top skills expected of administrative assistants, it will send a bad message to employers if your CV is not impeccable. Be honest, accurate and avoid mistakes. Good luck !