How to start a cover letter
Cómo empezar una carta de presentación

How to start a cover letter

The cover letter is an excellent way to attract the attention of recruiters and thus get a job interview. And leave to interest an employer, both to do it from the beginning thanks to a very good opening sentence. Well written, this grip will allow you to stand out and give you a very positive first impression. Be original, but remain sober because any inaccuracy, any mistake could ruin your chances of being invited for an interview.

What is best to avoid starting a cover letter?

Many candidates think that we should start a cover letter by praising the coveted company. Nothing could be more wrong: what the recruiter is interested in is above all your enthusiasm for the proposed job. Similarly, avoid making a first sentence that only tells you about yourself and forget to mention the company and the coveted game. Certainly, you have many qualities, but the important thing is that they are adapted to the functions for which you are applying.

Other mistakes can be written in the opening sentence: spelling errors, inaccuracies in the company or in the publication, a sentence too long and alambed. Take the time to re-read it, double check your information and make short sentences: your opening sentence can make two sentences just fine!

Opening Cover Letter

Your goal is to get a job interview, so don’t procrastinate, use a direct style and come back from the assignment to start your cover letter. Show your skills clearly and show how they are in line with the position. Feel free to reuse keywords from the advertisement and use clear, precise, and tailored vocabulary. According to the intended use, some words should appear in your sentence, pertaining to the semantic field of your profession and will necessarily speak to the employer.

Take the time to think about these essential words and smash them throughout your cover letter, but also from the first sentence. Also remember to create the I-yourself dynamic that shows that the posting is for you, that you are already planning on the job and will bring more to the company.

Be creative while remaining and relevant to the position. Avoid clichés and expressions. Your enclosure sentence should show personality, originality and should share your enthusiasm. Writing will take you time, but you won’t figure it out because it can make a difference.

Be original

If you must be original, your opening sentence must also be targeted. You will not be able to use every time in the same sentence in all your motivational letters! In fact, the job definition, the company’s strategy, or even the expected skills will not be completely identical, even for two similar positions. You will have to adapt your vocabulary accordingly.

If you have an atypical application, particularly in the case of a retraining, also announce it from the first sentence and then explain the reasons for your application and what you can bring to the company despite your inexperience.


Currently a student at “Name of your school” to become “name of the profession you want”, I would appreciate having the opportunity and chance to pursue a practical internship within your company to put into practice what I learned during my training. I graduated in “Name your Diploma” and after having decided to continue my studies in the same field. I would like to join you. You will find me to attach my CV to show you my skills for the item “The name of the publication” you offer. Currently looking for an internship in my “training name”, I am sending you my job application. Kind regards.

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