How to stand out in a group interview
Cómo destacar en una entrevista grupal

How to stand out in a group interview

Is a group recruitment interview looming and does it interfere with the idea of having to stand out from other candidates at any cost? Instead, focus on your own attitude: during a group interview, recruiters will be looking to analyze your personality, your listening qualities, your role in a group or your summarizing skills. Prepare for this interview ideally with these recommendations.

Before the interview

What is the position you want to apply for. You need to prepare for the interview before you go. You will need to plan roles, group discussion, team exercises, etc.
Review your classics. Above, train succinctly and efficiently, get to the essentials. If a foreign language exercise is planned, review the vocabulary related to your field of activity.

During the interview

Listening is the key word! Listening is a very popular quality among candidates. In group maintenance, it is particularly important to bounce back on what has been said and avoid repetitions that bring nothing. Here are a few tips:

  • Speak in a different way: for everyone’s comfort, speak audibly and clearly. It also shows your presence and ability to assert yourself in the community.
    There is no need to do too much. Avoid at all costs to raise your tone, to cut off, extrapolate or crush the other participants. This attitude causes recruiters to flee! Remain courteous in all your exchanges, even in case of deep disagreement.
    Take initiatives. For Julien Bouret, co-author of the book’s soft skills reflexes, Audacity is an important quality: “This is the ability to dare.” If you see the group exercise dragging in length and the discussion moving further, know how to conclude.
  • Bring content: Whether you agree or disagree with another participant, you have to justify it – don’t just approve or disapprove! The goal is to promote reflection, explain your ideas and show that you can argue and structure your discourse.
  • Pay attention to the moment: We expect a future recruit that he knows how to manage his time. How to proceed ? Looking at your watch and turn to the participants if there is only a short time are good techniques.

After the interview

  • Don’t judge other participants: the interview is over? The interview can be organized by recruiters: in this case, avoid giving your advice to the candidates. Just share your feelings and thank the speakers.
  • Reintegrate your motivations: the day after the group interview, do not hesitate to send an email to the recruiters: in addition to renewing your interest in the position to be filled, you can explain what the maintenance of the group has brought you.

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