How to send a thank you email after an interview?
¿Cómo enviar un correo de agradecimiento después de una entrevista?

How to send a thank you email after an interview?

Few candidates think to send a thank you email after a job interview and yet recruiters appreciate this attention for the company. This is the ideal opportunity to stand out from the others!.

What to put in your thank you email?

Start by saying thank you. This is the very basis of the thank you email. The date of the interview should be included. If you lend it (the idea is not to do too much), you can also say thank you for the quality of the interview with the recruiter. In this case, be specific and to the point.

The confirmation email is also an opportunity to resend your enthusiasm and motivation for this position. Do not repeat the same thing mentioned in your cover letter. The thank you email is a complete part of your application, it should not be duplicated with the rest. Therefore, you should be able to bounce back in uncovered interviews, to show your listening skills.

Another essential vocation of the thank you email is to pass the message to the recruiter that you understood the stakes of the position and the needs of the company. Use the same lexical field. The more personalized the email, the better. The thank you email is also a good way to keep communication open with the recruiter.

Ask about the continuation of the recruitment procedure, if there are areas of blur on the subject. Remind them of your availability to pass on further maintenance and/or to pass on additional information as needed. The thank you email may be the opportunity to slip in a letter of recommendation, if you have one and feel it can make you stand out from the crowd.

Take care of the mail

Follow up on spelling errors, prepare yourself for re-reading as needed. Maintain the tone used during the interview. Stay humble, even if you feel the interview went very well. The email should not be too long, keep it short at about 12 lines maximum.

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