Cómo buscar trabajo remoto en LinkedIn
Cómo buscar trabajo remoto en LinkedIn

How to search for remote jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social and content sharing network that can have a real impact on your job search if you know how to use it effectively.

Today on LinkedIn we like, comment, share, produce content and exchange via instant messaging. It is a quality social network for professional exchange, whether it is for finding a job, networking and/or developing your online business.

Many people think that LinkedIn is limited to writing a cover sheet to be visible in case a recruiter is looking for you on the web. LinkedIn is much more than that, especially if you are looking for a job. If you respect the rules and “professional” culture of this network by producing quality content and creating engagement through posts or private messages, your profile will provide real added value by creating a network that can lead to the development of new career opportunities.

Customize your LinkedIn URL

The first important thing you should do is customize your LinkedIn profile URL in order to optimize your promotion during Google searches. By default, LinkedIn offers you a URL of the type www.linkedin.com/in/your_name

With a default URL, you will be less visible and less indexed in search engines when a recruiter enters a search related to your profile or directly to your name.

Take care of your title and your profile summary

The title is the block of text below your profile picture and so much to tell you that it is very important because it is directly linked to LinkedIn’s algorithm to position you in search results.

The summary at the top are the description lines below your profile. They should be the most effective because they are permanently visible when a recruiter visits your profile. It is important to put your keywords and main information in these three lines.

Attach your CV in PDF

This will allow a recruiter interested in your LinkedIn profile to read your CV and the way you present it. So be careful, formatting is essential.

To add your CV to your LinkedIn is very simple, open the drop-down menu by clicking on “Content selection” and select the “Media” module to add your PDF CV.

If you use LinkedIn as a job search engine and apply directly through this tool, it is a good idea to add your CV to the default preferences so that the CV is automatically attached to each application. A significant time saver during your research. Go to the top right under your account image > preferences and privacy > job search preferences > application preference > Manage your cv’s.

Put a professional profile picture

As soon as you create your LinkedIn profile and even before you finalize your resume and start your social media job search, make sure you have a “professional photo” .

Depending on the position you are seeking, you will adopt an appropriate attire. A profile picture represents you, take care of it. Making an effort to present yourself shows that you are motivated and serious about your job search and that you are interested in the job.

Indicate if you are “looking for an opportunity”

You should indicate on your LinkedIn profile that you are looking for a job . Prefer the terms “looking for an opportunity” or “looking for a new challenge”, which are more optimized for recruitment.

Link the LinkedIn business page

To do this is very simple, when you create a professional experience , in the “company” tab, join your company’s LinkedIn page. This will also display the company’s logo to give your “professional experience” section a bit of pizzazz.

Integrate multimedia content

This is a good solution to “spice up your profile” and illustrate your professional experiences or the training you have completed. Simply add a link or directly upload documents such as sites, videos or presentations. This allows the recruiter to have real-time access to additional information about your profile.

Get your contacts to recommend you

LinkedIn offers very interesting features such as being able to recommend the skills of other users we know or have worked with. This allows recruiters looking for candidates on LinkedIn to keep their attention, but also to be better indexed by LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Search for offers

Job search on LinkedIn, which is now a real job search engine because more and more companies are posting their offers on this social network. If you want to check the offers, all you have to do is use the search engine effectively as on any job site by indicating the job title you are looking for in the search bar.

You have the possibility to use different filters in the search bar:

  • Business
  • Posting date
  • Job type
  • Remote
  • Experience level

Create alerts

On LinkedIn you have several ways to create alerts , which are very useful to save time in your job search. When you have set up all your filters in the “job” and “filter” search bar, you can “create a search alert” and set it up on a daily or weekly basis . You can then choose to receive your alert by email, notification or both.

You are on a job offer to which you have applied and whose position interests you , save it. Then in the saved offers tab, when you click on the offer, on the right side of the screen you have a drop down bar where LinkedIn’s algorithm offers you to “Activate a job alert for similar positions” which will allow you to receive postings similar to your search in the same way as above.