How to reward your employees?
¿Cómo recompensar a tus trabajadores?

How to reward your employees?

Our study on “Happiness” at work highlights the relationship between positive emotions and motivation. Encouraging positive emotions, through gratitude and recognition, is such a simple tool that it is effective. Many researches confirm that employees are much more efficient when they feel appreciated and recognized by their manager and team. In this case, it is primarily about considering the individual.

What rewards to offer employees?

The year-end bonus, which is inevitable, remains a solution that pleases all employees of the company. It is subject to social security contributions and its amount varies according to companies and sectors of activity.

Vouchers and vacation checks allow you to reward employees while benefiting from a social exemption.

New offices, more comfortable seating, lights and decorative elements, space dedicated to leisure, yoga classes… Create an environment conducive to the well-being of your employees, with your collaboration.

Company-subsidized outings and vacations are ideal for tightening the links and outside the work framework.

Offer a welcome bonus, a coupon to buy equipment, products or services offered by the company. The new employee’s family can also take advantage of these reductions, what to mark the spirits.

Have some employees been particularly efficient and have become paramount to the company? Think for example of giving away company shares. This reward makes it possible to cure the image of the company and to prepare the transmission, the future of the company.

Take the initiative to incentivize them with cash in kind, a computer or a phone. Some employees need to acquire new skills and are likely to climb the hierarchy. Offer them training. In addition to valuing these employees, show them that these are essential elements in the long term.

Reasons to reward your teams?

Ensure the performance of your employees.

It increases employee motivation and therefore the productivity of your business.

It treats the company’s image.

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