How to maintain the social link with your employees?
How to maintain the social link with your employees?

How to maintain the social link with your employees?

It is now more than imperial for companies to maintain the link with their troops in telework or partial activity. And this, for serious exchanges in business and records, obviously, but also for more informal times. Here are 4 tips to follow.

Offer virtual coffee breaks

The purpose of these virtual breaks via web conferencing applications such as zoom, teams, meetings, skype, etc., is to recreate informal exchanges such as those generally held around the office coffee pot, in the canteen, or during later work. During this confinement, continuing to see each other (even remotely) is capital.

Caution, some employees may find these e-invitations so intrusive in their personal lives. So, take a gamble by volunteering.


This time, it is a question of allowing the collaborators to live badly confinement and the passage of teleworking, to express their anxieties, their doubts, their fears… Invite teams to connect to webinars on stress management during the period of confinement.

Organize sports sessions (E-SPORT) between employees

Once a week, your employees met with yoga classes in a meeting room, for part of soccer… The obligations of confinement, visual sessions are impossible, so do not suggest links to group courses of yoga, boxing, dance … online. For soccer or other parties, set up a foot of e-pies, strong tournaments or network strategy games. If your team has the spirit of competition, you can even organize small internal challenges.

Send emails

A weekly email (even daily, if the company is sufficiently staffed) taking the main actions (positive, but not that, nothing serves to hide the truth and keep the rumors) last week and highlights are needed. Be sure to reflect as much as possible, this information. Also perform practical practice by responding concretely to HR issues raised from the field.

Any other corporate social networking tool can also be devoted to exchanges of jokes, funny and healthy recipes, impromptu office photos.

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