How to improve your selection process?
How to improve your selection process?

How to improve your selection process?

If you tend to list too many responsibilities and requirements in your job posting, you will drive away the most qualified employees. Another tip is that if you focus more on what the company can do for potential candidates, you will attract candidates that better fit your needs.

Focus on people

In an interview, put your resume aside and try to understand who the person in front of you is. You can acquire any skill, but not personality. Value their personal skills more than their experience. Check if this person is available to work on your current team.

Check if their personality is right for the job

That said, empathy is much more important for the nurse than for the broker. The type of person to hire will depend on the position, the team and the internal culture of the company. Get it wrong and employees may feel uncomfortable and, in the long run, will not be able to work.

Check the candidate’s social profile

In addition to Googling their name, take a look at their social networks. This will give you clues about their social skills, especially if they have a professional portfolio or blog.
For better or worse, they will tell you a lot about your candidate.

Improve your interview

In an interview, you can’t sit down and ask the candidate if they have any problems or if they are a good person. But you can ask a question that will give you a clue so you can find out for yourself. For example, if you ask someone why they left their last job and they blame it on someone else, it’s important that they agree. If they keep blaming outside factors, you can look for another candidate.

Interview questionnaires can be especially instructive if you know how to do them correctly. Candidates can also interview you. If they speak up in an interview and ask the questions that interest them most about the job, you’re more likely to find out what’s important to them.

In your response, be candid about how they actually work at the company to see if they are a good fit. This will help you streamline the selection process and find the talent your company needs to succeed with more confidence.

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