How to hire the right candidates
Cómo contratar a los candidatos adecuados

How to hire the right candidates

In recent years, the shortage of skills, good candidates, which is more expensive to find and keep qualified specialists and / or experts is complicated for many companies. In a context where competition is increasing to recruit the best, what are the actions that should be used to attract and retain candidates? Here are the best tips.

1- Have an optimal recruitment process

For many, applicants find recruitment procedures long and tedious. To stand out, applications should be processed quickly, between a few days and a week maximum. Interviews should not exceed the number of 3 and be close enough. Ideally a maximum of one week between 2 interviews.

2- Make an attractive offer

Offering an attractive remuneration is not always enough to stand out from the competition. It is now essential to propose an interesting overall package, which can group together:

  • Vacation days, participation, incentives, specific employee benefits, etc.

All these benefits will be additional arguments for an employee to want to join, then stay within the company.

Note: Benefits (especially those in kind) not pure not pure, if the fixed salary does not follow. Remains the cornerstone in the bargaining negotiation.

3- Promote career development

To retain candidates whose profile is sought, the company must be able to accompany their professional development. The increase in the perpetual ability of talents must be at the heart of the employer’s concerns: Coaching, e-learning, training sessions, financial support for a new diploma, etc.

Note: Replacing a powerful employee is more expensive than investing in his professional development.

4- Giving meaning to work

Beyond the professional accompaniment of your future recruits, you must be able to give meaning to their work. This requires successful communication about the company’s culture, values and vision. The candidates must adhere from the first stages of recruitment to the identity of the company and its project: it is when they touch the touch that they will recruit the elements that interest them.

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