How to hire teleworkers?
¿Cómo contratar teletrabajadores?

How to hire teleworkers?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to switch to teleworking almost overnight. This transition has been difficult for many of them, but they have become accustomed to the fact that most of their employees now work at least part-time. They also find the advantages offered by these arrangements, such as increased productivity and reduced investment costs.

Many employers have also recruited remotely during the crisis. More than half (53%) of senior executives who participated in a recent Robert Half study said their company had hired new employees during the pandemic. In addition, 75% say their business has held hiring interviews and onboarding sessions remotely.

Where to find teleworkers?

Job search websites are one of the best tools available to companies to post job openings and attract new employees. This approach, however, has a downside, regardless of the industry: you may be inundated with candidates who do not have the sought-after and desired skills.

For a more strategic approach that is more efficient and is likely to attract promising candidates to telecommuting job postings, you can focus on the following resources:
Specialized recruiting firms.


It won’t cost you anything to call these former employees or send them a personalized email to share an interesting job posting. If they post elsewhere, present your offer as an opportunity to advance their career. In addition, they are familiar with your business mission and values, as well as other key elements that shape your unique culture and work methods.

Your current team

Recommendations issued by your current employees can be a solid recruiting tool for your business, which is looking for on-site or remote positions. There is little risk that your team members will recommend people who will not be a good fit for the company, because a disappointing recruit will hurt your image. In addition, promotion of your business by one of your employees may also encourage one of their friends or former co-workers to accept your job offer. It is a significant advantage over the competition that companies are involved in recruiting the most sought-after professionals.

Ideal skills and qualities of telecommuters

Not everyone is cut out for teleworking. We must be able to work independently without the need for direct supervision. When you plan to recruit teleworkers, think about the essential skills and qualities they must possess to succeed in a virtual context.

For example, prefer candidates who have the initiative, know how to identify the need and take appropriate action without having to do what to do.
Problem solving should also be among their strengths. Obviously, your company will provide off-site employees with the resources they need to work effectively, but they should be inclined to solve problems on their own.

Communication and collaboration skills are also a must for teleworkers. They will need to use all kinds of tools to interact with their colleagues, including video, email, phone and instant messaging.

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