How to find a job in the UK
Cómo encontrar trabajo en Reino Unido

How to find a job in the UK

A competent and experienced recruiter in the UK will be able to help you find a job in the UK job market. Below, we are going to give you 11 tips so that with our experience you can replicate how we have done it, so we can help you boost your search for the ideal job.

11 Tips to find a job in the UK

1. Use an expert to find a job

Using the services of a recruiter is almost as simple as saying “Find me a job“. Once you’ve contacted him or her, the recruiter will match you with hiring managers, share with you information about your industry, as well as professional resources to help you in your search. He or she can also provide you with specific tips for developing and building all of your job search documents.

2. Find a remote job

Working at home or remotely is becoming more and more modern, recruiters can not only accompany you in your search for a remote position, but also advise you throughout the virtual recruitment process, which are video interviews or the remote onboarding procedure.

3. Your personal guide

Many of the media recruiters have professional experience in their field. They understand your passion for your work, and what it takes to get a job in your area. Once you register on the job platform, you will be put in contact with a recruiter who is committed to finding the ideal job for your profile.

4. Promote your talents

Recruiters are not happy to pass on your CV to interested companies. They also put a point of honor representing you by highlighting your specific skills with recruiters.

5. Provide you with valuable industry information.

The Average Salary Guide provides essential strategic data related to your job search. These elements respond to key issues in the state of the labor market in your field, but also in the salaries generally earned by professionals in your industry.

6. Write a perfect, eye-catching CV

You can also advise you to write your CV in an optimal way. They will help you showcase your talents and experiences in the best possible way.

7. Learn how to treat your application

Even if your CV, cover letter and portfolio or your samples of achievements are up to date, it may need to be refined to catch the attention of a recruiting manager. Look for excellent resources that will allow you to give more weight to your application file, and this within a very costly time to miss out on any opportunity

8. Enrich your professional skills

Recruiters are qualified to help you identify any significant gaps in terms of skills for the coveted job. They will share with you free online training specifically designed to enrich your CV with the skills they are currently looking for in your area. Thanks to these additional trainings, you will be able to increase your salary claims and/or claim a higher position.

9. Provide valuable resources

Obtain key information for your job search. We highlight the most sought-after (and highest paying) positions in your field, present trends in recruiting and share our tips to accompany you on every stage of your journey to a new job or even a new career.

10. We prepare well for your interviews

You’ll have access to tips and tricks (online and in person) for your job interview. You’ll receive the coaching you need to be prepared, confident and able to talk with ease about yourself and your job.

11. Partner with your career

Once the job is compiled. You can continue to receive career development advice as well as tips to help you flourish and succeed as part of your duties.

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