How to deal with taboo subjects in the office
Cómo tratar los temas tabúes en la oficina

How to deal with taboo subjects in the office

Knowing how to control the art of informal conversation is not always easy, especially in the office. Politics, privacy, silver, religion, etc., topics up to taboos are not lacking and you are likely to find yourself one day or another at the heart of a delicate discussion.

Types of taboo subjects

Several topics should be avoided as much as possible with colleagues (who knows no more than that and with which exchanges and meetings are limited):

  • Privacy: relationships, sexual, intimate family life, etc. These topics should remain in the personal sphere.
  • Politics: Difficult to know if our personal opinions will find an echo among our colleagues. There is no need to take this risk.
  • Health: The degree of severity of the subject should be taken into account. No problem approaching your last migraine or cold shot, but it is imperative to avoid subjects that may be painful.
  • Money: Everyone does not have the same relationship with money and, even if you have no discomfort to approach the subject, it is not worth putting your colleagues to shame who do not have this facility.
  • Religion: personal subject, under the sphere of intimates and in which the tone can quickly assemble in case of divergent views. It is better to abstain.
  • Stereotypes of all kinds: racial, sexist, cultural, etc. Even with humor, stereotypes can be extremely hurtful. Do not venture into this area.
  • Culture in general: movies, television, books, exhibitions, etc. Share your latest cultural activities or readings of moments is a good way to share with your colleagues without a lot of talk.
  • Sporting events: support the same team or simply comment on the latest soccer, it can facilitate the creation of a slight complicity.

Tips for taboo topics

Start by listening to your colleagues without passing judgment.

Be patient, especially in front of a customer or superior.

Remain in a neutral position, without taking and causing a particular opinion.

Try to redirect the conversation on a less thorny subject with humor, to defuse the situation.If you think you will not be able to get out of this slippery conversation, feign an imperative to get out of the debate before committing a stranger.

It is not advisable to talk salary with your peers.

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