How to better manage your time
Cómo gestionar mejor su tiempo

How to better manage your time

Time is money. To be effective in your work, you need to be able to organize yourself accurately to avoid wasting minutes here and there. Know that this loss of time can damage not only the quality of your work, but also your personal life. Here are our few tips to optimize your time management.

Be disciplined

Showing discipline is the first goal. Develop a schedule and stick to it. By establishing a clear plan for tasks to accomplish, identify your priorities. Any deviation from this plan can be considered a bad eye. Alas, there are business hazards and you must react accordingly or unexpected requests. Here, too, you must also demonstrate discipline: in some cases, it may be necessary to say no to requests from co-workers or even a manager. It can certainly help, but be sure to set certain limits.


To waste unnecessary time, nothing is worth concentration. When you do something, do it thoroughly. And vice versa, when you relax, do it also without a back thought. Focused on your various tasks or during a professional exchange, you are guaranteed to understand the information and instructions being conveyed. As a result, it limits the amount of mistakes and advanced projects in common sense.

Attention to new technologies

Clearly, emails, social networks and websites are huge time consumers, and we often find that we have wasted time in futility by neglecting more important tasks. Here again, there is no need to be radical but clear with oneself. Strolling on the Internet should be exceptional, possibly as a reward after working well.

In terms of time management, new technologies tend to interfere with our work: a ringing phone, an email arriving… being constantly interrupted increases the sources of errors and late-night activity. In some cases, you can cut down on these devices if you need to dive deep into a folder.

With Digital, work is everywhere, at your workplace, but also at home when you check your files or emails on your smartphone. Manage your time well is also putting boundaries between the professional sphere and the personal sphere. If you tend to systematically bring back home, maybe you are poorly organized? Or you need a serious discussion with your manager?

Working close to home

Often, we don’t have that much choice. But for many employees, the choice of an employer must also take into account the travel time from the home office. In fact, having a daily commute time of more than 2 or 3 hours clearly has a negative impact on the management of your private life / professional life.

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