How to act in case of unfair dismissal
Cómo actuar en un despido injusto

How to act in case of unfair dismissal

What is an unfair dismissal?

It is when the employment contract is illegal by the employer towards the worker with a breach of obligations in the procedure causing a dismissal an unfair and that must be dealt with legally.
For a cause of dismissal to be real and serious, it must compile a series of conditions as the facts invoked by the employer must be objective and precise. In addition, the cause of dismissal must present a certain degree of seriousness, preventing the maintenance of the employee within the company.

Steps to take in case of unfair dismissal

1. Always request a written notice of termination.
2. It is useless to refuse to send a termination notice.
3. Specify the type of release you will be facing
4. In the event of objective dismissal, you have the right to early termination of the contract
5. Consult all payment concepts
6. Check that the severance payment has been calculated correctly.
7. Beware of the risk of false consent or dismissal to “fix unemployment papers”.
8. If you are not satisfied, contest the dismissal, especially be careful not to exceed the time limit.
9. Seeking advice
10. Register as a job seeker and apply for Unemployment Compensation or Unemployment Benefit if you have sufficient contributions.

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