How do you handle stress and pressure? Job interview
¿Cómo manejas el estrés y la presión? Entrevista de trabajo

How do you handle stress and pressure? Job Interview

Stress in job interviews is the candidate’s enemy. Sometimes it can be good, but when it’s bad, it makes you lose your temper in front of the recruiter.
A few days after applying for a job, you receive a phone call. This is an important moment, you have no right to make a mistake. This situation will trigger a normal physiological response called “stress“.

Be careful, stress is not always your enemy. Unfortunately, sometimes stress is too present, it reaches too high a level and gives way to “bad stress“, the one that makes you lose your nerves, that makes you stutter, sweat…

Let’s review the different situations that can create bad stress and then I will explain how to deal with them effectively.

Stress related to waiting for the interview

Several days pass between the time you receive a call or an email informing you of the place and time of the interview and the interview itself. This stress is created by the voluntary or involuntary pressure you put on yourself. You know it’s an important moment, which doesn’t happen every day. So you want to look perfect on the big day. If it makes you feel any better, you should know that we are all the same. And the recruiter knows that all too well. They regularly receive candidates who hide their stress level more or less well. I assure you that for recruiters it is not a decisive criterion in the final choice of a candidate.

Stress linked to the recruiter’s various questions

A job interview is a time when you have to answer a whole series of questions. These questions may relate to your training, your experience, your interests, more technical issues… in short, a whole host of opportunities to answer incorrectly and not fit the profile sought. This type of stress is the most widespread. It is the one you encounter in your exams such as high school, university oral exams, group project presentations, public speaking, etc.

Situational stress

This is the stress related to your lack of self-confidence (fear of blushing, stuttering…). The job interview is an intimidating exercise, especially for the more shy and introverted. You have to talk about yourself, answer questions from a stranger, be judged by your answers. Some people are very self-confident. They are aware of their strengths and expose them. This is a very good attitude. But be careful not to be overconfident.

Some candidates are cruelly lacking in self-confidence, which manifests itself in redness, stuttering, excessive sweating, cold sweats…. It is a vicious circle because the more you blush, the more you stutter, the more your stress level increases.

Stress linked to questions.

The first question “Would you like to introduce yourself?” This is a classic interview question. This question is systematically asked by recruiters to candidates. Answering it is not as easy as you think. Indeed, the recruiter is trying to evaluate your way of expressing yourself, your way of organizing your thoughts. Many candidates fail in this exercise due to lack of preparation.

How to cope with stress in a job interview?

To cope with these situations you can practice the technique of positive visualization of the future. This technique is relatively simple. It consists of projecting yourself into the future by living the event while imagining that the moment is going well. Your brain does not distinguish between a situation coming from a positive visualization and a lived situation.

So finally, we have helped you to manage this stress in difficult situations such as job interviews and you will find out how to practice positive visualization. Like any other exercise, it is a technique that is acquired with practice and time.

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