Ecological social work at work
Trabajo social ecológico en el trabajo

Ecological social work at work

Studies in the United States and Norway have shown that the introduction of plants to the office has many benefits. Put to work at work would have the strange power to increase productivity and well-being of teams.

Benefits and what plants choose more compliance in the office?

The trend in the 90s, the standard of minimalist offices and came off, it is supposed to cater to employees towards excellence, gradually loses its followers. The ideal office today is the one that feels good, where one is free to express their creativity, a bit like a second home finally.

Putting plants in the workplace is one of the easy measures to promote employee well-being. Regardless of the aesthetic and warm appearance of a plant immediately to any space, there are several benefits to the presence of vegetation in the workplace, enough to put green emergency!
Plants have a positive impact on productivity and concentration.

They result in a reduced sense of stress, including lower blood pressure.

The presence of plants reduces absenteeism

The air quality in offices is better: a plant deployable, all 10 m² significantly improves air purity. Specifically, employees have fewer migraines and respiratory disorders.

This makes it possible to combat the negative effects of air conditioning, which tends to dry air: plants increase the moisture content of the air thanks to the transpiration of the leaves.

Having vegetation helps to reduce background noise

And finally, the green color makes it possible to stimulate creativity.
To spoil anything, install green plants in the office passes the message to employees that their employer cares about their well-being.

What plants are installed at work?

Studies showed that the positive effect of plants was undeniable from 90 cm in height. So, for optimal effect: leave the small succulents and micro-bonsai. Be sure to significantly improve the quality of the air, the top is to choose a plant depule. Thanks to their metabolism, they absorb the harmful volatile organic compounds present in the indoor ambient air.

Here is our small selection of plants ideal for decorating a workplace intelligently:

  • Dracaena, or Dragonnier: it has the appearance of a small palm tree and is able to absorb acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and carbon dioxide present in the air.
  • Bromeliads: can also absorb more volatile organic compounds from the ambient air, and are distinguished by brightly colored flowers and original foliage.
  • Monstera, or False Philodendron: Hyper Trend, this plant is very effective in counteracting dry air ventilated by air conditioning.
    Most species of FICUS will also make the box perfectly: not only do they have properties espoused, but their maintenance is very easy.
    How to simply maintain the plants in the office?

The ideal is to choose plants that do not require too much maintenance (for example, forget orchids). The idea is not to add a charge, especially since during weekends and leave, the maintenance of the Office plants is a priority for anyone. To keep plants healthy, it is important to define a strategy around their maintenance.

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