Puestos CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CCO y CXO de una empresa
Puestos CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CCO y CXO de una empresa

CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CCO and CXO positions in a company

Terminology with acronyms is increasingly used in our industry. The same applies to the abbreviations of the top management of a company.

Meanings and functions

They come from English, so most of them sound strange to us, but when you get to the end of this article, you will understand each of these functions. However, it is important to note that not all organizational charts are the same. The size of the company, the capital, the number of employees or the size of the business are indicative of the managerial functions.

  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer: The chief executive officer, the CEO.
  • COO: Chief Operating Officer. He/she will directly assist the CEO and will also make vital decisions in the company.
  • CMO: Chief Marketing Officer. The Chief Marketing Officer.
  • CFO: Chief Financial Officer. This is the person in charge of controlling the entire economic balance of the company and that it does not reach defaults or bankruptcies in the company.
  • CIO: IT Director. This is the person in charge of controlling all the technology part of the company and the security failures it may have.
  • CTO: Chief Technical Officer. Reporting to the management and in close collaboration with other departments of the company, his main mission will be to lead the existing development team to produce the best possible products, according to the defined needs and deadlines.
  • CDO (1) : Data manager. The data manager or chief data officer. He is a big data generation man. His role is to facilitate access to data to optimize decision making.
  • CDO (2): Chief digital officer. The chief digital officer. He is the company’s digital transformation project manager. In terms of reporting, while the chief data officer (CDO 1) is close to IT management, the chief digital officer is usually very close to general management.
  • CCO (1): chief customer officer. Customer manager. He is responsible for bringing the customer inside the company and ensuring that the customer requirement of each department is at its optimal level. He is the one who will be responsible for unifying and coordinating the overall customer experience.
  • CCO (2): Chief Content Officer. Content manager. A function that has moved out of the strict perimeter of the media sector to reach all sectors of activity. The CCO is responsible for the company’s content creation strategy. He or she is at once an editor, an audiovisual producer, a director and a marketing man or woman.
  • CXO: Chief experience officer. The customer (or user) experience manager, this is a CCO who is above it all! He puts himself in the customer’s shoes in all circumstances of his relationship with the company. He puts everything in tune with the customer experience, from design to IT processes.

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A startup generally brings together several recurring positions, some present from the foundation and others that will emerge with growth. Among the founders we will always identify a leader who will assume the role of CEO, Chief Executive Officer, and who will have the mission to carry the vision and decide in case of disagreement. The last word must be his.

Most startups with a technology product will generally have a CTO from the beginning. The CTO, Chief Technical Officer, is the technical director who carries the technical vision of the company.

Finally, among the founders, there will often be a BtoB startup salesperson who will act as the Chief Commercial Officer or a marketing expert in a BtoC startup who will act as the CMO, Chief Marketing Officer.