6 tips for choosing between two job offers
6 consejos para elegir entre dos ofertas de trabajo

6 tips for choosing between two job offers

If you are in this situation of choosing between two job offers, we are going to advise you to make the right decision. You have passed interviews for two companies and you cannot choose between these two job opportunities. What criteria should be taken into account to decide and take advantage of this advantageous position.

We need to understand the reality of the position. If understanding the content of the article is essential, it is often impossible to evoke all the maintenance aspects of recruitment, either due to lack of time or shyness on the part of the candidate.

If important information about the job or the work environment is missing, do not hesitate to ask for additional details for the employer: level of responsibility, the specific missions to be done, the interest of the job, the corporate culture….

Tips for making the right decision

Define your priorities.


Possibility of telecommuting.

A corporate culture in line with your values and state of mind.

Diversity and richness of assignments.

Opportunity to work in a team.

Work-life balance.

Presence of a corporate nursery, etc.

To carry out missions abroad.

Job advancement.

Avoid considering salary as the only criterion: the temptation is great to join a company just because it offers a higher remuneration than another! However, work flow, workflow and motivation should also be taken into account.

Listen to your feelings.

Take into account the culture of the company.

Manage a larger team.

The candidate’s experience can play a role in the final decision.

If your work-life balance is an important criterion for you, you should absolutely take this aspect into account during your final decision. Will you have enough time to devote to your family or hobbies? Won’t you be traveling too often and therefore away from your family? These elements are critical to whether you will flourish in your new job.
If you are having trouble choosing between two equivalent positions, find out the culture of both companies to assess whether or not the workplace is a good fit for you.

For example, you can see if the corporate culture matches your values at the level of social engagement, ecology or well-being at work. Remember that you will spend most of your days in the business, so it is important that you feel comfortable. What is your career plan? Which company can best offer you a position in phase with your career ambitions?

When signing a recruitment contract, you should think about your short-term missions, but also your prospects for change. What are the business projects? Which company seems to be the most dynamic to you? To find this information, go on the Internet and on social networks. You can also ask your network. Before making a decision, it is advisable to project yourself over the next three to six years: this is the average length of time to stay in business.

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