4 signs to become a manager
4 señales para convertirse en gerente

4 signs to become a manager

In a company, succession issues are immense. They are, even more important as managers, including new generations, aspire to change jobs and evolve faster. Therefore, for human resources services in terms of leaders, they often meditate this situation so that the company remains in good hands.

Not everyone necessarily has the qualities expected in a manager: the ability to listen, the ability to federate a team, the ability to communicate? However, here are some signs that will help you see who is the best person to be a manager.

1. Excels at work

Curious, motivated, enthusiastic, this employee has a good quality of work. In addition, he is always starting to go beyond the missions shown on his extension sheet to help a worker or suggest a new action for the company. Clearly, it is a profile that seeks to progress or even advance others. What sign can we recognize it? For example, he/she detects that a business or internal process could be optimized and offers ways of improvement.

2. Ambition

Ambitious employees are often a bit irritating, but they can represent a real gold mine for HR leaders. In fact, if this ambition is not just based on misplaced pride, they have a high degree of motivation and commitment to their work, allowing them to gain real expertise and a certain authority in their field.
What sign can we recognize? For example, it is someone who stands firm in their convictions and does not hesitate to assume and defend their decisions, even if they may go against those of their supervisors.

3. Collaborators

A good manager is someone who knows how to motivate and federate his teams. He must set objectives and allow each member to achieve them. He shows a developed sense of listening and communication and clearly represents a potential candidate for a managerial position. He is not only available to his closest colleagues, but will help them to overcome the difficulties encountered by any employee of the company.

4. Smile a lot

A good mental state, positive and enthusiastic, is an excellent quality in a manager. We often talk about management by smiling. If you identify yourself in an operational capacity to leave your doubts or your moods to adopt a positive attitude you benefit from the group dynamics and your work, and so you will find a potential profile.

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