3 Tips for a Successful Start to Your Career
3 Consejos para empezar con Éxito tu carrera profesional

3 Tips for a Successful Start to Your Career

September is fast approaching and, with it, the end of the vacations and the return to the office. For many, this prospect is small exhilaration: hard to motivate when we think of the pile of files in progress. We have left behind a few weeks ago… So how to occur motivated and organized in September? Discover the basics for a successful recovery!

1- Organize a smooth recovery

Going straight from the idleness of summer to return from the furious pace inherent in the fall can be particularly stressful. The solution is to recover your professional habits gradually:

A few days before the start of the school year, plan a lighter schedule: fewer excursions, fewer evenings that end in the early morning, gradually try to sleep earlier to regain your own rhythm. Even if it’s tempting to enjoy your vacation spot until the last minute, make the effort to give her a full day at home before the start of the school year. This will be an opportunity to unpack his bags and quietly prepare him for Rush’s return. You can even enjoy it to quickly navigate to your work emails, it will always be the next day.

Why not plan your return in the middle or on the weekend, rather than on a Monday? The prospect of the approaching weekend will motivate you for these first few days of recovery.
For your first day, avoid outside meetings for the most part: it won’t be easy to succeed in being focused and effective in your office, so there’s no need to inflict preventable distractions.

During the first month after your return, do you plan for real moments of relaxation: after work, weekend getaways, sports, outings with friends, etc. The idea is to have fun, even more if the weather permits.

2- Prioritize your tasks

When you return from several weeks of vacation, it is not uncommon to feel completely drowned by the tasks to accomplish upon your return. Don’t panic, the key to not spreading yourself thin is hierarchical. First, give yourself time to list all the tasks you have to do, as well as their emergency.

Set goals and squeeze in realistic deadlines for each of them.  Once you have a plan of action, to be as effective as possible, only perform one task at a time.
Proceed in the same manner of unwinding your mailings: Class according to your urgency of treatment and answer only the priority mails to start with.

3- New projects

Finally, return is the perfect time to continue new bases and embark on new projects:

Start with a return evaluation: positive points from the previous year, what negative points, what would you like to change?

From this reflection, make good resolutions: it can be simply to spend more time with your family, to give you a sport, or to grant you more moments of relaxation throughout the year. The important thing is to get to the beginning of the school year, to acquire these new habits as soon as possible.

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