3 key elements of corporate culture
3 elementos clave de la cultura empresarial

3 key elements of corporate culture

Corporate culture corresponds to the elements that make up your identity, your mind, your values, how you operate, etc. Everything that makes you unique in short. It allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, but also to develop the employees’ feeling of membership. Success in developing a strong corporate culture ensures cohesion and motivation of teams. This also has the advantage of facilitating recruitment because a company with a rich identity will naturally attract candidates.

1- The company’s history

A strong corporate culture is part of the company’s history (even recent). Every company has a past or a unique idea, myths and “heroes” that offer or have been offering success and participated in glorious episodes. The idea is to rely on conversational facts and/or people who have marked the history of the company: its founders, a charismatic leader, the launch of a star product, etc. Developing this idea of the legend, the idealized history, on the basis of real facts lays the foundation of the company’s culture.

2- Your vision

The vision of the Company corresponds to the definition of the fixed objective: Where do you want to take the company? What are the steps to achieve it? This vision must be as clear as possible, and especially, communicated and shared with all employees. It may need to evolve, but it must always remain consistent with the company’s overall vocation. By conveying this vision to employees, it makes them feel that they have a place in the company’s history, that they are all working as a team towards a clearly identified goal.

3- Its common values

The company’s vision is articulated around values. When the vision makes it possible to make sense of the work done for the company, the values are there to breathe the “good way” to do it. It represents in some way a guide to good behavior. The important thing here is not to be original or unique, but to be sincere in stating your values. These values should be present at all levels of the company and known to all employees, who should be the first ambassadors. One way in which everyone can be known is to write a charter or a code that brings them together, and to which everyone has access.

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