14 trabajos que no hace falta titulación
14 trabajos que no hace falta titulación

14 jobs that don’t require a degree

Do you want to find a job without having to have an academic degree? Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to do a good job without having an academic degree. You can even benefit from several internal promotions and lead a progressive career. Therefore, we reveal 14 accessible professions without a degree in which you can apply for a job.

Real estate agent

A real estate agent is a professional in charge of selling or renting real estate on behalf of its owners. He or she is the head of a real estate agency and must have a professional card, called a T-card to practice legally. To obtain a T-card without a diploma, you must have experience as an employee of a real estate agent who holds a T-card.

The salary of your real estate agent will depend on the activity of your agency, the market and the type of property you deal with. You can receive a remuneration of 1,500 to 5,000 $ per month.

Store assistant/consultant

The duties of a store clerk vary according to the commercial sector and the size of your business. He/she is primarily responsible for welcoming customers and may be asked to advise them as well as retain them. This professional also manages stocks and shelves to highlight products.

To be a good salesperson or store advisor, one must first and foremost have commercial fiber. A sense of hospitality and customer service is also important. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a specific diploma to practice this profession, as it is the behavioral skills that take precedence. You can earn an average salary of 1,700 $ per month as an entry-level salesperson.


If you enjoy working in direct contact with the public, the position of receptionist is for you. Behind your desk or a stand, your mission will be to welcome, inform and guide visitors. You can also perform various administrative tasks, such as filing files or computer input.

A receptionist represents the image of your company. Therefore, he/she must have an impeccable presentation and excellent elocution. He or she must have a permanent smile and be able to show diplomacy and composure. The practice of at least one foreign language is often required, as well as the mastery of office automation tools. A beginner reception agent is paid the minimum wage, while an experienced agent can receive a salary of 1,600 $ on average.


To become a delivery driver, you do not need a diploma. However, a driving license corresponding to the type of vehicle you will be driving is essential. In fact, a delivery driver ensures the routing of several products using a light vehicle with two or four wheels. In addition, he must be in good physical condition to be able to load and unload the goods to be delivered without damaging them.

You can work for a company offering delivery services or be self-employed. With employee status, you will be paid the minimum wage if you are a starter. On the other hand, if you are self-employed, your billing will depend on your availability. A part-time job will earn you at least 300 $ per month.


The cashier job is accessible to everyone. This job consists of recording the prices of goods that customers want to buy and collecting payment.

To exercise this profession, you must master the cashing procedures and the rules of cash handling. You must also be very careful, because if you make a mistake, you will have to pay back the missing revenue from your own pocket. The average salary of a cashier is 1,600 $ gross per month.

Security officer

The profession of security officer includes many activities: watchman, guard or supervisor of an establishment. It also allows different specializations such as fire protection or remote monitoring.

As a security guard, your role will be to prevent malicious acts against property or persons under your protection. No degree is required to become a security guard. However, you must be of legal age and have a clean criminal record in addition to being physically fit. This job is paid at an average of $1,550 per month.

Order picker

Order pickers work in the logistics transport sector. This profession involves making sure that the products meet the customers’ orders. To do this, you must consult the order form and pick the corresponding goods from the storage area. Then, you will have to pack the products before sending them to the delivery service.

You will be paid $2,100 or more for working between 35 and 39 hours per week. You must be rigorous, have good physical stamina and be a team player.

Maternal assistant

Maternity care is a profession generally exercised by women. This job consists of taking in or caring for children during the absence of their parents and looking after their well-being.

Although a diploma is not required to become a childcare worker, you must obtain certification and receive training. Approval is obtained upon application to the PMI departmental service.

You will be paid by the hour with a minimum rate of $3 plus a maintenance allowance.

VTC driver

The profession of VTC driver does not require any diploma. However, the exercise of this profession requires passing an exam to obtain the VTC professional card.

VTC drivers are professionals who provide their clients with chauffeur-driven transport vehicles. You can practice this profession as an employee or self-employed. By creating your own business you can earn a salary of between 1,300 and 2,200 $ net depending on the hours worked.

Catering waiter

The catering industry is constantly hiring. The profession of catering waiter allows you to train internally in order to develop your career.

Your main mission is to assist the chefs in the preparation of the dishes. You are also in charge of dressing the dishes or setting up the buffet. Serving, cleaning and dishwashing may also be part of your duties. Therefore, you must be meticulous and have a sense of organization. Your salary will be calculated on an hourly basis, even if it is often aligned with the minimum wage .


A nanny is a professional in charge of looking after the well-being of children during their interventions in their homes. In the exercise of this profession, you will have to perform various tasks such as preparing children’s meals or organizing play activities. To carry out your missions, you must have patience and a sense of organization.

You do not need a degree if you plan to take care of children under the age of three. On the other hand, intervention with young children requires a diploma in the field of Early Childhood. You can be paid 10 $ per hour as a minimum.

Prison supervisor

The prison supervisor ensures the safety of people detained in remand prisons and compliance with the rules. You can also advise them and help them with various administrative formalities.

Your working hours will not be fixed as you must work in rotation to ensure permanent supervision. Therefore, you must have high availability. Your compensation can range from $1,600 to $2,300 depending on your experience.


A housekeeper is a person responsible for carrying out various tasks to maintain people’s homes. So you can, for example, do the laundry, prepare the food or do the ironing.

You can become a self-employed housekeeper or work with a personal service company. In most cases, you will work part-time. Therefore, you can take on several clients at the same time. You will receive an average of at least ten euros per hour.


The teleoperator is the person who helps to find new customers for a business. To succeed in this mission, you must like challenges, be persuasive and persevering. This job is mainly done through telephone calls. Therefore, you must be able to communicate easily.

This job does not require any particular diploma, but professional experience in this sector of activity can be a real asset. You can earn between $1,500 and $3,500 per month.

How do I know which job to choose without a degree?

If diplomas allow access to many professions, there are also many that are accessible without them. Not everyone is necessarily very academic, but everyone has the right to work. If you don’t know which profession to go into, you can consult this list of professions without diplomas to find the one that suits you best. Before choosing which career to go into, it is important to draw up your personal balance sheet: What are your skills? What do you like the most? This will help you get your bearings.

If you don’t do well in high school, don’t think your life is over. On the contrary, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find a job, and there will be opportunities for advancement. You can find jobs in personal assistance, hygiene and cleaning, or even security and surveillance. If you want to work, rest assured that you will always be able to find a job that suits your wants and needs.