YouTube to develop your skills
YouTube para desarrollar tus habilidades

YouTube to develop your skills

Whether you are looking for a job or publishing, training is essential to acquire new skills. Today, nothing could be simpler than online learning, even thanks to YouTube! Every day, more than 600,000 hours of videos are posted on the famous platform. Everyone can post content, individuals as well as professionals. How to navigate on YouTube, how to use YouTube to develop your skills.

Alternative to traditional learning modes

Some modes of learning, such as face-to-face training, have been used for years by businesses. However, at the same time, digital transformation is taking place in all areas. The world health organization (OMS) says says that technological advances say the evolution of existing trades and the creation of new trades. training is essential to stay powerful!.
According to Deloitte, it is now necessary to have the “new learning” that “puts the collaborator at the orders of his own development”. Digitalization also disturbs the ways of learning, new solutions have appeared. And among them, YouTube is an ideal tool for self-study.

Addressing your learning

You get it, YouTube and its billions of hours of video are a real goldmine for learners. It’s also a huge platform where it’s hard not to spread yourself thin. The first step is to target your learning – what skills do you want to develop? You should consider three things: your desires, the usefulness of these skills in your professional life, and the likely evolution of your current profession.

Let’s take a concrete example: you are a computer engineer and you are interested in the job of data scientist. Considered a profession for the future, the latter requires many skills, such as mastery of Python (a programming language) or knowledge of SAS, a tool specialized in statistical and predictive analytics.

Identify relevant content

Start by typing keywords into the YouTube search engine. Then, sort through the so-called “official” accounts, online schools, recruitment sites, companies, freelancers, etc. Don’t neglect the people who also produce quality content! Whatever your choice, verify that the content is dense enough.

Let’s take an example: you want to learn SAS software. Doing a search on YouTube, you realize that SAS FRANCE has just published an online class dedicated to this software. As for Python, the cython channel has put more than 40 videos where the trainer code at the same time explains.

Once you find your specific needs and the right content, it remains until you get started. Developing your YouTube skills requires a great deal of autonomy and discipline. Do not hesitate to set yourself a schedule.

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