LinkedIn: Optimize your profile!
LinkedIn: ¡Optimiza tu perfil!

LinkedIn: optimize your profile!

LinkedIn has more than 500 million registered users. Do you also have a profile on this professional network? But do you need to highlight your achievements, your qualities, your skills? LinkedIn profile optimization is a key step in personal branding. Your goal? Stand out and make yourself reach recruiters. 94% of recruiters, use the LinkedIn recruiting process at the same time to validate resumes, meet us or even find talent. So, put all the possibilities on your side to find a job. We are going to give you below, the keys to succeed on LinkedIn.

Make a good first impression

The photo is essential on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile with a photo is 7 times more consulted than a profile that does not have one. Opt for a professional photo, quality and in which you smile is better. Start by choosing an explicit and eye-catching title. Similarly, the summary should attract attention, be concise and go to the essentials. Directly contain your position and your business sector, as well as your location (actually, the city where you want to work).

Use keywords and examples

You want to be visible in search engines like Google. Keywords are the words that tell search engines how to find you when people search for something. Indispensably, they should appear in your resume, but also in each of your professional experiences. How to choose them? Do not hesitate to analyze the profile of professionals already working and have them as an example. To consult the keywords they use in job offers. To explain your missions, consider giving concrete examples of achievements or projects you have completed. And illustrate them by uploading images, videos or any other document that may be useful and relevant. Be careful, however, the confidentiality of previous companies you have been in, there may be data that you can not talk about for privacy of the company and its customers.

Ask for personalized recommendations

The recommendations of other people in this social network, give credibility and legitimacy to your profile. But it is an important issue to request the right people with whom you really worked, because otherwise you will be bothering people who will not recommend you and with whom you have maintained good relations. Contacts to avoid? Relationships that are too old (more than ten years ago) and your friends. The best message is a personalized text and highlighting your work life using the keywords for which you want to look for a job.

Make your profile optimized

An optimized LinkedIn profile is also an updated profile with weekly or daily posts generating content to your contacts and social network, in which other users will be able to see your profile with those posts. Like, sharing and commenting on articles related to your field of activity, is the opportunity to show your interest, your involvement and your work experience and show that you stand up for that sector in which you want to work. Also remember to connect your LinkedIn profile to your professional Twitter account, as it will bring you more social traffic and more visibility of your profile to more people, so you will be contacted and added by more people visiting your profile.

Join groups of the same subject matter, participate in discussions and contact professionals in your industry in the same sector as yours such as bosses, recruiters, managers, etc. Again, pay close attention! Your goal is to show that you stand up for yourself in the industry you are looking for a job in, do not comment on every post if you have nothing relevant to say or contribute valuable content to other users. You now have all the keys in hand to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you stay honest, professional and don’t make too much content too much, as people may unfriend you for being too heavy handed.

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