How to create the best professional profile for social networks?
¿Cómo crear el mejor perfil profesional para redes sociales?

How to create the best professional profile for social networks?

Professional social networks have become a necessity, for recruiters and candidates. They make it possible to have a dynamic CV like on LinkedIn, to create a community or to position yourself as an expert on Twitter. In any case, social networks (or used professionally) are positive for your career. It is up to you to optimize them!

Give back a good image

And start with a suitable profile picture – forget about clichés or vacation friends! Opt instead for a set that matches the codes of your field of activity. Then, fill in the different fields of your profile: course, skills, experience, motivations… Stay professional and precise. Above all, get to the essentials. When consulting a CV, recruiters quickly scan profiles.

Choose the right words

When you create a profile on LinkedIn, it will appear in the social network’s search engine, but it will also be integrated into Google, Bing, Yahoo type search engines. With this in mind, you need to focus on keywords that can be used by recruiters. If you are moving into marketing and possess certain specific skills.

Value your experiences and successes

A test speech is always welcome. Therefore, you can integrate links to your achievements to your profiles to highlight your work. You can also detail your missions and tell the projects you have been involved in and the ways you have contributed to their successes. On this last point, be factual: higher turnover, acquiring and developing an audience, achieving goals, etc.

Create the right community

Dynamic CV is one thing. But where professional social networks are really relevant is that they allow you to connect to the right people, your privileged contacts, but also interesting professionals to follow. In this context, it’s a matter of privileging quality contacts rather than adding all azimuth of people who don’t match your career and professional goals.
Beyond your contacts, you can join focused on your interests. Not only do you make a market watch, but you can also intervene and signal with your professional community.

Suggest your own content

It’s important to be active on LinkedIn. Feel free to comment on your contacts’ posts to bring your enlightenment. Also, share links to articles. Individuals appreciate this type of initiative and identify you as an involved and relevant professional. Special mention to LinkedIn’s new service “LinkedIn Pulse“. This is a blog space where you can post your own content.

Think Twitter

Twitter is not a professional social network, but you can use it as such and bring a real advantage to your career. In fact, you create a new profile and scroll back in the search engines on keywords relevant to your activity: marketing, IT, commercial … then, then on the influencers of your sector or your business, you find yourself on the topicality of good practices. and the latest innovations. Finally, you will act on Tweeting professionally: you keep the messages you find interesting before tweeting, articles or posts that you liked. If Twitter activity does not constitute a guarantee of finding a job, the network you create and the day before constitutes a valuable aid.

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