How does the recruiter use social networks?
¿Cómo utiliza el reclutador las redes sociales?

How does the recruiter use social networks?

Social recruiting is not necessarily used by industry specialists. Unlike countries such as the United States or closer to Belgium, recruiters do not fully utilize the potential of social networks to the beep and target candidates, including rare or highly sought-after profiles.

With digital, the profession of the recruiter has evolved enormously. Therefore, many tasks will be automated such as CV sorting or sourcing. However, it is especially the notion of networking, essential for the recruiter, which is stubborn.

In question, professional social networks that offer more direct access and almost unlimited access to an exponential number of profiles. Before, the recruiter places a candidate based on a need expressed by the company. He made a day before identifying rare pearls before selecting them. Today, the day before is done permanently, whether on jobs or professional social networks. The candidate is at the center of the device, whether it is or not.

If the candidate becomes central, the relationship established by the recruiter will necessarily evolve. “It’s about taking care of all candidates by receiving them, giving them advice, facilitating their research, understanding their needs and their timing. ”

Encourage your community

After receiving a maintenance candidate (without necessarily, there is a job in the key), the recruiter will offer you to stay connected to networks and follow your news. LinkedIn or VIADEO in the classic way, but also Facebook for the younger ones. These networks help to stay in touch while creating a link of trust.

Encourage candidate communities, it takes time! Sometimes a lot of time! The temptation would be to automate tasks with grouped emails or offer job offers systematically. “It’s a mistake, that’s how candidates will react”. It’s about being specific and targeted. “We have to create unique conversations to get to a meeting. Thanks to targeting, profiles are of better quality, therefore, more engaged. ”

Adopting the right attitude

Times change and, consequently, so do uses. If recruiters use social networks, they must change their attitude and tone according to the profiles they are approaching. “You can’t send a 2-page article to a young 28-year-old candidate. Simply because he won’t read it. He will be much more receptive to an infographic. Especially with respect to the younger generation, a relaxed pitch is clearly necessary to attract their favors.

On the other hand, once the hiring process is involved, the recruiter’s gravitas and formalism obviously must regain their hand.

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