7 tips for creating relevant content on LinkedIn
7 consejos para crear contenido relevante en LinkedIn

7 tips for creating relevant content on LinkedIn

It is now on LinkedIn the key moments of a professional career. While, in many sectors, the use of professional social networks is becoming a legacy of recruitment processes, candidates are looking to be seen by all means. But what content is really likely to attract the attention of recruiters to your profile?.

Here are eight tips to help your posts find their way to their relevant children.

1. Demonstrate your expertise

To get a publication you want a recruiter to visit your profile, you must demonstrate your expertise and therefore bring real added value. To achieve this goal, draw from your past experiences and identify the valuable lessons you have triggered.

2. Speaking stories

Publications that attract and retain the attention of their readers are those that feature characters. Before providing theoretical advice, so be sure to situate the engagement through a short story that yields your audience’s eye.

3. Ask questions

LinkedIn’s algorithm highlights posts that attract the most comments. The more your post will cause reactions or attract personal contributions, the more likely people outside your first circle. Asking questions is a good way to signal.

4. Mention interested or potentially interested people

For your publication to take off, you must first get feedback from members of your first circle. A good way to make sure they read your POST is to identify them in the comments or in the body of the text, when they are concerned or potentially interested in your content.

5. Participate in current discussions

Social networks are places of debate where certain topics remain relevant for weeks or months because of a training effect that leads everyone to give their point of view on this topic at the same time. These periodic debates are good opportunities to attract attention and stand out. Therefore, you are interested in the debates that shake up your profession and try to express your opinion in an original way.

6. Do not forget to add a touch of humor

On social networks as elsewhere, dealing with a subject with humor makes it interesting to the greatest number and arouses strong emotional engagement. Whenever the subject allows it, let yourself go to a word of mind or a humorous wink.

7. Do not hesitate to use Emojis

More than other networks, Emojis increase the read rate of LinkedIn posts. They attract the eye, make reading more playful and lighthearted and allow you to add extra-verbal information that gives a more incorporated tone to your posts. They are used with some moderation, so they can make a difference.

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