How to work at Zara
How to work at Zara

How to work at Zara 2024

If you are looking for a job at Zara, the first thing you should do is to enter the employment part of the Inditex group, and post your resume in the offer you want to register. After receiving the job offer, you must select the country, store and region where you want to work and send your profile to Zara. The minimum requirement they ask for is the Compulsory Secondary Education degree.

Candidates are usually not interviewed individually, but go through a dynamic group process that takes place at their local town hall. Before you begin, you’ll want to watch some videos about the company you’ll be presenting to later. Then you will most likely have to introduce yourself and take a group test. At the end of the group interview, you will be asked which store in the group you would like to work at and to complete the survey, you will need to fill out a survey with details, interests, status availability and more.

If you don’t have a professional resume template, we provide you with free resume templates that companies request to find a job.

Zara Job Interview

Interviews can be similar to the other Inditex brands. If you are in your new job interview for this brand, you should know that you will have a management interview. If you pass the team dynamic, you will have a personal interview to find out if you are suitable for the job in this brand. So, in order to work in their company, you will have to pass these two interviews of team and personal.

How to submit your resume at Zara

In the Zara jobs section you will find a job search engine with different search filters: region, position, Inditex brand, country and city. To send your CV to Zara jobs, you must select the job you are most interested in and then apply to the offer you like.

To apply for a job at Zara, you must choose where you want to work (Team, Logistics, Product, Office and Store). Then you must choose the location you want to occupy, the Inditex brand and the country. In the next step, you can enter your personal data, training, work experience and personal information to be contacted.

The conditions for accessing these positions are diverse: flexible hours, morning and afternoon shifts, working on Saturdays and having your own car to get to work.

If you want to see all the jobs at Zara, visit their website and find the job that best suits your profile, or follow Inditex to find your first job and stay up to date. Remember, when preparing your CV for Zara, you must match the offer you are interested in.

Salaries at Zara

Salaries vary depending on the brand we work for or the position and qualifications we have. Here are some examples.

Sales clerk 1,219 $ per month
Sales clerk 1,285  $ per month
Cashier 1,202 $ per month


What it’s like to work at Zara

Based on the experience of Zara brand workers, the brand specializes in the sale of clothing and accessories. One of the best companies they have ever worked for, many of the employees say. Great culture and everyone cares about each other. A very positive and enriching experience, both professionally and personally.

It is a company that needs great people, in constant development, with a great work environment, you need to understand that the company always tries to support its employees by providing them with the best tools in the work area and work with them to make them more productive, give each employee a competitive salary with competing companies in the same sector.

So, in short, it is a good company with growth opportunities where you can fit in perfectly and have a stable working future.

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