How to work at Zara Home
How to work at Zara Home

How to work at Zara Home 2024

Zara Home is a home decor brand founded by the Inditex Group. Like other companies in the Spanish league dedicated to the fashion sector. Zara Home enters the home sector with the latest trends, trying to create a warm and familiar atmosphere.

Zara Home’s home collection includes furniture, kitchen, table and bath, home towels, cosmetics and various interior items.

They are looking for people with specific characteristics: versatile, proactive, creative, resourceful, resourceful, proactive, innovative, dynamic and adventurous. Feel confident in the conversation with excellent tips from the portal. For companies it matters a lot the opinion of the candidates, so it is worth visiting the store to get to know the work and understand its philosophy.

In this sense, Inditex uses the same model for all its brands, that is, on the one hand you will have a group interview and if you pass you will be interviewed individually.

How to submit your resume at Zara Home

If you don’t have a professional resume template, we provide you with free resume templates that are requested by companies to find a job.

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You can also apply for Stradivarius jobs directly to their official accounts on Infojobs or LinkedIn

Zara Home is segmented into home fashion, bath products and decoration with many lines and styles. Undoubtedly, the idea of launching this brand was a success for the company, as reflected in the figures of success and audience reception. The first store opened in Zaragoza in 2003. With more than 500 stores worldwide, it is the Inditex Group’s fastest-growing brand.

What it’s like to work at Zara Home

In general, at Zara Home you work under a lot of pressure. There is a good atmosphere, a lot of physical demands and the salary is the same as in the other brands.

The employees working in this company become part of the essence of the brand, showing to the customers their positive and motivated workers with a very fast adaptability, but the most important thing is that they request in this brand is that their workers have very good teamwork skills.

The final added value is the availability of time to give a good flexibility to the bosses in their working days and to be able to balance schedules. So if you meet all the requirements we have described above, you can start preparing your CV right now and start working in this fast growing and trendy brand. This means more advantages than disadvantages. If I were you, I wouldn’t think too much about it, I will now send my profile for this beautifully decorated chain.

Salaries at Zara Home

Salaries vary depending on the brand we work for or the position and qualification we have. Here are some examples.

Store clerk 17,839 $/year
Warehouse Assistant 18,380 $/year
Product Manager 37,841 $/year


Each job position must have certain characteristics. For a salesperson, language skills such as English and Spanish are especially important, as are the impeccable sales and communication skills of a good salesperson. On the other hand, for warehouse operators, their organizational skills and experience will be more important.

But whatever the job, a passion for fashion, or in this case, home décor, is essential for working at Zara Home and any Inditex brand. In general, Zara Home is looking for positive and dynamic people, with a spirit of learning and self-improvement, adaptability and teamwork. Time availability is also highly valued.

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