How to work at Uber
How to work at Uber

How to work at Uber 2024

To become an Uber driver, you must first complete the paperwork to be considered a professional VTC driver. Second step if you need to register with Uber and be able to use their platform. Uber is a technology company with a use of their UBER app that you will be able to download to use as transportation.

Uber offers more options to navigate the city in a modern, safe and comfortable way than ever before available in over 310 cities around the world.

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How much does an Uber driver earn?

It is not possible to give an exact figure, as the income of an Uber driver depends on several criteria: number of working days per week, costs associated with the vehicle and vehicle model, status, etc. Approximately 1,700 $ per month.

If you complete a stipulated number of trips, you will receive a bonus. In addition, another supplement when you make trips to areas where there is high demand and few cars available. So we will have monthly, a fixed and a variable depending on the promotions that the platform gives us.

Requirements to work in Uber

You have to follow these main steps to work for Uber:

For drivers:

  • Driver’s license
  • Clean certificate without criminal record
  • Identity documentation (DNI, NIE or CIF).
  • Passport photo with the driver’s name: It must be frontal, central and cover the entire upper face and arms. Photos of drivers with sunglasses or other persons or objects are not valid.
  • Driver’s license photos or other printed photos are not acceptable.

Add your vehicle if you have at least one VTC license, you must complete the vehicle data and submit the following documents:

  • VTC license of the car.
  • ITV card with the ITV passed correctly.
  • Insurance of your car in force.
  • Certificate of registration of the vehicle.

What is it like to work at Uber

It is an opportunity to focus on being your own boss and even earn money in your spare time (doing a job with someone else). Even today, despite how much has changed, some people still find it appealing to be an app driver.

A large number of Uber drivers currently work on the platform because they sometimes struggle with unemployment, obstacles to re-entering the job market while looking for other jobs such as age or low income, not being able to feed the family. For this reason, many people see private transportation apps as a good option to earn money.