How to work at Starbucks
How to work at Starbucks

How to work at Starbucks 2024

It’s not like any other job. Here at Starbucks you create experiences for your customers every day. They build relationships with goodwill and respect. This is made possible by colleagues who are always willing to give their best, work with enthusiasm and have a positive attitude. How to work at a Starbucks is simple. It is very simple, we are going to explain how you can apply for the job you are looking for in this company.

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Currently, they have three positions available:

  • Barista: You will prepare the drinks to deliver them to the customers. By becoming a coffee expert, you will learn about the types, origins and roasting process of coffee.
  • Supervidor/a: You will help the store manager manage the business during your shift. You will lead a team to provide exceptional service to the delight of our customers.
  • Store Manager: You will be responsible for training and developing the company’s employees so that they continue to thrive in their jobs. You will motivate your team by caring about their training and professional development. One of your objectives is to help them meet their career challenges. In addition, you will ensure compliance with our product quality process. Of course, you will manage the business and develop the necessary action plans to achieve the store’s objectives, taking into account the store’s financial results.

How to get a job at Starbucks

The steps to follow are through the link to find a job on their website. You will have to register from the top general part with the button that indicates “Register” or with the same button but with the position of Barista, Supervidor/a or Store Manager with its registration link for that job position.

Apart from registering through the web to apply for the job, they have other external channels such as Infojobs and Linkedin so you can apply if you are registered on those external platforms.

As a last resort, you can go to a physical location of this brand and ask the workers to collect your resume and send it to human resources to analyze your profile. The managers take their time to offer you and adjust to your schedule and will be happy to listen to your preferences.

Salaries and Requirements to work at Starbucks

Salaries are usually around 1,600 dolar per month for barista and higher salary for the position of Store manager or supervisor.

The minimum requirements requested by the company are a minimum mandatory degree. Availability for the job you are applying for and being over 18 years old.

Steps to work at Strarbucks

  1. Send your CV through the employment link looking for the city and the job you want.
  2. Affinity test in which the company will get to know you.
  3. Personal interview with a store manager. In which you will be interviewed in depth for the job you are applying for.

What it’s like to work at Starbucks

Most workers are very happy with this company, plus they have employee discounts to use within the company. In addition, indefinite hiring mostly for all employees, to give job stability and a good quality of life to their employees. So, to enter to work in their company, you must define the philosophy of the company, have a passion for customer service and meet the basic minimum requirements that we have put above.

Working at Starbucks is valued even more than at any other restaurant chain. Given how busy their locations are on certain days and times, it’s fair to say that working at Starbucks can be exhausting. There are a number of detailed instructions to follow, all with procedures and deadlines.