How to work at Pull and Bear
How to work at Pull and Bear

How to work at Pull and Bear 2023

First you must go to Pull and Bear employment, then you must have what it takes to work in a Pull&Bear store: style, energy, the ability to learn and work in a team, flexibility and the ability to lead in sales and customer service. The minimum requirement is a Compulsory Secondary Education degree.

How to get a job at Pull and Bear

If you don’t have a professional resume template, we provide you with free resume templates that companies request to find a job.

You will have to have applied for a job on their website described above. You will then be called by a private number for a first group interview. During the group interview, you will be asked to introduce yourself and state your name, age, education, previous work experience, education completed and interests in the company for which you are applying. Most likely they may also play videos of the companies in the group and even comment on issues the company deals with to generate a discussion and see how you react.

You will have to participate in group dynamics, debate among the participants and defend the roles assigned to each person. Express yourself and listen to the opinions of others, but defend your point of view clearly and respectfully. If you stay down, the company will not be able to value you and you will not be selected.

Salaries at Pull and Bear

The salary or wage depends on the brand or position we work for and the qualifications we have completed. Here are some examples.

Store clerk 20,542 $/year
Warehouse Assistant 20,110 $/year
Product Manager 35,040 $/year


Amancio Ortega’s Pull and Bear store has become a place where many people develop their professional life. Pull & Bear is an option worth considering, whether it is a way to earn additional income with flexible working hours or a full-time job. Above all, they select young profiles that bring value to the company.

Working at Pull & Bear includes several professional categories, divided by the tasks to be performed in the workplace and the space we will be located in the company.

What it’s like to work at Pull and Bear

Reviews tend to have a high degree of satisfaction for its employees. With friendly and attentive staff with workers generating a good working environment.

It is a great company that really cares about its employees. Excellent working environment with co-workers, as well as with the team leader and support staff. Good salary, despite the heavy workload. You get along very well with co-workers because of the atmosphere and the way they explain and help you.

How to send your resume to pull and bear

This is the link to send your resume to pull and bear. All the brands of the Inditex group have the same registration link. We necessarily need the registration to send CV.

To find everything related to Pull & Bear, you must go to region and specify the area you want to work with. You can choose between store, product, logistics and office. Then go to Select country, select and select Pull & Bear in the Select brands tab. At this point, you should carefully read all available job offers. If you are interested in a particular offer, simply click on the “Apply” button and you will immediately be registered as a candidate for that offer. This is the most convenient option, although you can also approach the nearest Pull & Bear physical store and hand them your CV. This is another option that Inditex continues to support.

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