How to work at Oysho
How to work at Oysho

How to work at Oysho 2024

This brand called Oysho, focuses on pajamas, sportswear, casual underwear, swimwear and beachwear, underwear and other product lines, as well as new items such as shoes.

The brand’s collections are aimed at young women, who value quality and detail, very important criteria for hiring employees in the different departments, whether in production, manufacturing, marketing or company management.

The company is constantly creating new jobs for people who love the latest fashion trends. Oysho is no exception, so if you want to work in one of the biggest fashion design centers in the world, this is your chance. Oysho is part of the Inditex group but sells bikinis, swimsuits, pajamas and bras. In other words, the company focuses specifically on underwear, although it also produces accessories and a variety of clothing.

How to apply at Oysho

If you do not have a professional resume template, we give you free resume templates that companies request to find a job.

If you want to hand deliver your resume, nothing will happen because in Oysho you can choose between doing it this way or the traditional way (by hand) and here we explain how to do it both ways.

Link to apply online for jobs at Oysho

You can also apply for Stradivarius jobs directly to their official Infojobs or LinkedIn 

They are looking for women who really understand their needs because they have them too and can advise them based on experiences that men cannot. As a result, the profiles sought at Oysho tend to be more specific and professional when looking at different female-oriented target groups.

What it’s like to work at Oysho

If you are passionate about fashion and follow the latest trends, working at Oysho is the place for you. You can apply right away and fight for the job you want so much.

To work in any Oysho store in the world, you need an open mind, communication, style and commercial skills. The stores are the most visible and omnipresent part of your brand, where you come into direct contact with customers and generate sales. For all these reasons, your importance in the Oysho structure is crucial.

As far as experience is concerned, it is not usually so important when it comes to hiring new employees. However, it can be of great help if you have several hours of work on your resume. The most important thing is that you demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the products sold at these locations. In addition, you know how to reach different types of customers.

The requirements and qualifications for hiring employees can vary considerably, depending on the vacancy you want to fill. In general, Oysho is works to claim qualities such as: ability to work, dedication, motivation, etc. These requirements are in line with the policy of the vast majority of Inditex Group companies. Of course, they may vary from one company to another.

Salaries at Oysho

Salaries vary depending on the brand we work for or the position and qualifications we have. We show you some examples below.

Store clerk 17,271 $/year
Customer Experience Manager 48,575 $/year
Senior Specialist 58,290 $/year


As with other large companies, Oysho’s sales are the sum of the many professionals who work throughout the chain so that everything runs smoothly. Therefore, this work is divided into four parts. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose among them which one will direct your CV according to your profile.

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