How to work at Mercadona
How to work at Mercadona

How to work at Mercadona 2024

Mercadona is a family-owned company, one of the largest retail and online distribution companies currently in Spain with the best options in basic food, home care, personal care and pets that families can buy daily from Monday to Saturday. It currently has 5.6 million families who buy Mercadona products.

It was founded by businessman Juan Roig Alfonso in 1977 and has 1,632 stores in Spain and 29 in Portugal, as well as 95,800 dedicated employees, including 2,500 in Portugal at present.

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Steps to work at Mercadona

To work at Mercadona you need to register on the Mercadona employment website where you will find active job offers at this moment in order to register. We also leave you the direct link to search for Mercadona’s current job offers if you cannot find the link.

steps to work at mercadona

Below, we show you the image where you have to register.

Interview to start working at Mercadona

The interview to be able to work at Mercadona has 3 parts and all of them must be passed.

  1. Initial call: Here a person from human resources will have seen that you have written in the requested offers and thinks that you can fit for that job. Now the Mercadona recruiter will ask you to tell him/her about your work experience and if you can fit the position.
  2. Group interview: Here you will come to an interview with a small group of people, where you will be asked to play a game to see all your skills and attitudes individually and in a group with other people. It is very important that the candidate uses the right tone of voice with respect, dignity and commitment to your fellow interviewees. This part is difficult, as there are more people just like you or better, and you will have to prove your worth and that you deserve this job more than they do.
  3. Personal interview: When you complete and pass the two previous parts, you will get to this personal interview in which they will finally summarize all the skills for the job to be performed, which will conclude with indicating that you have successfully passed all the tests and that you start in Mercadona with the position you have applied for.

Congratulations on your new job at Mercadona!

Mercadona salaries and working conditions

Mercadona’s gross starting salary is 1,425 euros per month.

12 monthly payments and 3 three extraordinary payments.

Gross annual salary 21,375 euros (1,425 euros/month x 15 payments).

Vacations are 30 calendar days.

Annual bonuses if you exceed the objectives.

Working day from Monday to Saturday. No work on Sundays.

Mercadona offers permanent or temporary contracts with different monthly hours.

You can find more information in their collective bargaining agreement.

Mandatory requirements to work at Mercadona

The minimum age is 18 years old and the age limit is 65 years old to work in Mercadona, that is to say, there is no maximum age, since this age is when you retire.

ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) or higher qualifications such as a degree or engineering for higher positions.

Living in the same town or province as the job for which you are applying.

Native Spanish for jobs in Spain

Native Portuguese for jobs in Portugal.

Minimum experience is usually 1 year or more for senior positions.

Mercadona workers’ experience

Here is a testimonial from Estrella, a coordinator at Mercadona, who talks about her experience with the company over the years.

Generally, people are happy with the salary and working conditions and with your job stability. Don’t hesitate any longer and register for Mercadona’s offers with all the steps we have indicated above.