How to work at Inditex
How to work at Inditex

How to work at Inditex 2024

Created by Amancio Ortega in 1963. Currently in this year 2024, there are 7 brands that make up the Inditex group.

Zara, Zara Home, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius y Oysho

How to apply for a job at Inditex

If you don’t have a professional resume template, we provide you with free resume templates that companies request to find a job.

To find out how to enter to work in Inditex you must register in offers of all the Inditex group, it is the same way of registration for all the brands of its group.

Inditex employment link

After registering, we will be able to see all the employment incentives available in the Inditex Group and send your CV correctly within their website. If you want to send CV in the Inditex Group, you can see how to finish each Inditex brand and find the job and location you are looking for on their website.

They are looking for profiles with commitment to the company, positive energy, talented people, open communication and change fashion inspiration.

What it’s like to work at Inditex

Most employees are comfortable within the company Inditex, they have stability and an acceptable salary compared to the current market 2024.

One of the most important characteristics of working at Inditex is the schedule. The working hours can vary considerably, from 6 to 8 hours a day. Suffice it to say that you work an average of 8 hours a day plus 2 days off, it always depends on how lucky you are and how much free time you have. It should be noted that they are often flexible to adapt to a student’s schedule.

As for the vacation policy they deal with, the answer may be otherwise. In some cases, for personal contract or other reasons, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation whenever you want, in this part there is not much flexibility.

Salaries at Inditex

Salaries vary depending on the brand we work for or the position and qualification we have. Here are some examples.

Store clerk 16,878 $/year
Warehouse Assistant 23,357 $/year
Product Manager 41,189 $/year


They have a great work environment, people are used to not being stressed, very friendly and explain how everything works without leaving you alone. Another benefit is that the bosses try to help employees balance work and family life.

You can learn to work as a team and get better organized, which is very positive not only at work but also in everyday life. In your sales experience, you can emphasize that a typical work day is just about helping, advising and keeping customers happy, safe and comfortable.

They say the hardest part of the job is maintaining the store, especially during peak hours when it’s crowded.

Best interview tips for Inditex interviews

Interviews are necessary to get into work in any brand of the Inditex group, so we are going to give you the best tips to be prepared and do your best, getting the job you are looking forward to.

Being one of the largest textile companies in the world, they will appreciate how you dress for a job interview at Inditex. You should be presentable, smart, tattoo-free and clean. If you don’t know how to dress for an Inditex interview, it is best to wear a t-shirt, pants or skirt and keep a smile on your face.

Try not to wear clothes or clothes with too bright prints. If you are a girl, don’t wear too much makeup or flashy heels, since what you have to do is to go elegant but discreet. In many cases, spontaneity and simplicity are advantages that employers appreciate and more in this reputable brand.

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