How to work at Google
How to work at Google

How to work at Google 2024

Google is no longer just a business, it’s an ambitious lifestyle. In other words, it is a diverse business that shapes our daily lives. It fully deserves the media battle it stirs up. Given that the company is one of the best places to work, it’s no surprise that many people want to join the Google team. Focus on these wonders that attract so many new recruits.

Introduction to Google

As we all know, Google is a multi-faceted technology company. Since its inception in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, its business has ranged from dominating Internet search, to creating many of the best smartphones on the market. The company started as an online search business, but now offers more than 50 Internet products and services. Despite this massive presence, the large company wants to offer something meaningful to its employees. And this is one of the main reasons for the enthusiasm of young people to apply for a job at Google.

According to the U.S. company’s profile, it focuses its research on innovation and smart business practices. Although it shares attributes with the world’s most successful organizations, it is committed to maintaining a small business atmosphere. Its internal policy emphasizes that every employee has important ideas for the expansion of the company. With this in mind, every job at Google is integral to its success.

The most common positions to work at Google

The position of engineer is the most well-known position offered by recruiters at the big G. However, the company’s HR department offers other equally common positions. To give you an idea of the vacancies at Google, we have compiled a list of interesting jobs for you:

  • Hardware engineer: the brains behind and/or the design of Google’s products and services. The latter, which has a colossal need for hardware engineers, does not hesitate to pay well for the position to attract numbers.
  • Engineering manager: the supervisor of the engineering team.
  • Quality engineer: in charge of the ongoing quality and accessibility of products.
  • Software Engineer: Google’s little artificial intelligence geniuses.
  • Project Manager: responsible for development projects from start to finish.
  • Lawyer: in general, it is a lawyer who instructs legal cases and advises the company.

Other professions are also available, something you could see by visiting their official recruitment site.

How to post your resume on Google

When you want to join a big company like Google, it is important to understand the company’s values and conditions. In terms of recruitment, in addition to the required skills, the entity is constantly looking for young people with innovative and ambitious ideas. There is no place for procrastinators and square-minded people in their teams. If the profile is right for you, the first step to getting your dream job at Google is to find the perfect job to apply for.

In general, you can find Google job openings on their site. Recruiters took care to include job descriptions, qualities needed, as well as salary estimates. To convince this size to hire you, first bet on a quality CV and an exceptional cover letter. Do not hesitate to highlight your relevant qualities and qualifications. References are preferred to back up your statements. To get a job at Google, you will have to pass several interviews with recruiters. You will be asked sample tests and structured interview questions.

What it’s like to work at Google

Here we tell you what it’s like to work at Google from people who have already gone through this experience at the company.

Salaries and Wages at Google

For now, there is still a considerable gap between the salaries of the two genders at Google. However, the company pays its engineers better than anyone else. In general, the base salary for this position at Google starts at more than 105,000 $ per year, with the higher ranks earning more than 492,000 $ per year, plus bonuses. The company, however, remains fairly discreet about specific figures, but obviously, employees are very well paid.