How to work at Glovo
How to work at Glovo

How to work at Glovo

Glovo is a Spanish company that manages 1,500 employees in 26 countries. Home-delivered meals guaranteeing deliveries in 15 minutes provide three quarters of the company’s turnover. Founded in 2015 by Oscar Pierre. Offers this company an exclusive home delivery service for any type of product such as an alcoholic beverage, food or a cleaning product.

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Glovo for delivery drivers

To become a delivery person or collaborators or glovers you have to necessarily register on their website and sign up as a user so that they can validate your profile. The whole process is very simple and fast. You will have to send the necessary documents that Glovo indicates in the registration process to be able to work with them.

Glovo offers two types of work, as a freelancer or as a salaried employee with a labor contract, depending on the vacancies currently available.

Requirements for Glovo delivery drivers 2024

  • A1 driving license that authorizes to drive motorcycles up to 125cc.
  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • You will have to pass a face-to-face interview in which the company will explain the working conditions so that you can make a decision whether or not you want the job.

Glovo job offers

You can choose to register through their website. The job offers are advertised on InfoJobs and LinkedIn job portals.

Salary and Hours at Glovo

You will earn money with each order you place and Glovo will pay you between 7 to 10 euros per hour, approximately 1,600$ per month. The amount depends on the base price, the kilometers you have done and the amount of food or drinks you have transported, as this would imply more or less weight in the transfer.

The schedules, if you are an employee, that is to say, with an employment contract, you will be specified the hours you have contracted and the days you are going to work. If you are self-employed, you will have the freedom to work the hours you want.

Then you will have to deduct the materials for your work, such as gasoline, insurance, taxes, etc. In addition, if you want the delivery person’s backpack you have to buy it, which currently costs 25,67 € without VAT or 34,96 € with VAT included. If you are self-employed, you can deduct the V.A.T., but if you have an employment contract you cannot.

Glovo for restaurants

Glovo can take on this mission, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. To become a Glovo partner, simply visit the website and click on the link to become a partner. You will then be asked to enter information about your organization to evaluate the possibility of affiliation with a startup.

Your brand image will increase. In addition, your local business will become part of a database of millions of Glovo customers where you will gain from more daily orders and increased business volume. Your delivery drivers are mostly on motorcycles or bicycles with deliveries taking 15-30 minutes at most.

Glovo work experience

Generally, it is quite bad with very long working conditions and increasingly higher expenses for workers earning monthly the same. Currently the working conditions change a lot in each city and on a daily basis, you can earn 10€ and 12€ per hour. But in conclusion, if you choose to deliver by bicycle to have less expenses and to be able to have more benefits per month, you will end up exhausted after these long days on a bicycle constantly on the streets of the city and with the risk of suffering an accident every day.

Mostly, this company will ask you to become self-employed, so that they do not bear the costs and risks of an employment contract. And you are available at any time, and they can not take you in their daily services whenever they want, since there would be no contractual employment relationship.