How to work at Disney
How to work at Disney

How to work at Disney 2023

Disney hires for permanent or fixed-term positions each year. Currently, it has 14,500 employees, including 2,000 managers, working in 500 professions. Some 20 languages are used at the facility. Disney offers CDD job offers that hire up to 8,000 young Europeans during the high season. More than 100 permanent management positions will be filled each year.

Supporting professions require technical skills such as maintenance, facilities or state-of-the-art technology. These positions are open to engineers and technicians. Disney also recruits new graduates for headquarters jobs such as communications, human resources, accounting and finance.

How to apply at Disney

First, we recommend you to have a good resume, that’s why we leave you these free resume templates for free

Disneyland job offers are available on the recruitment sites. You send your application, CV and cover letter to the position that best suits you through these platforms. To apply on the official site, an online form allows you to create your profile. Try to indicate the necessary information without omitting your days of availability.

A confirmation email arrives in your inbox after submitting your application. The Disney recruiting team will contact you after three weeks if your application is successful. Recruitment is conducted in two interviews, with the first interview taking place online or at the head office. If you pass, you will pass the second one with the international selection.

As the activities are based on character animation, candidates must be fluent in at least two languages. In addition to the diploma, creativity is one of the qualities the company is looking for. To join Disney, you must be a good communicator and show team spirit.

What it’s like to work at Disney

Here we detail what it is like to work in this company. So that you can take it into account before applying for a job.

Salaries at Disney

Salary scales at Disney vary from one job to another. For the restaurant staff, the waiter and the kitchen assistant earn between $ 1,500/month and $ 1,620/month. The hotel receptionist earns around $2,000/month.

If you are a project leader or manager, your salary can range from $72,000/year to $89,600/year. Support employees earn more at Disney. Developers and application engineers earn around $6,000 to $9,100/month. In the IT department, the team leader earns more than $12,000/month.

In marketing, the average salary is $3,200/month. However, web marketing specialists and social media hosts earn twice as much, around $6,300/month.