How to work at Decathlon
How to work at Decathlon

How to work at Decathlon

Decathlon has a lot of job opportunities that you can apply for if you meet some simple requirements to find the job you are looking for. So we leave you with this guide to help you get it right.

It is also a company that sells independent brands as well as items designed and produced under its own brands. Apart from these features, Decathlon also offers various services such as maintenance and repair of equipment, ski rental, sports insurance and also advice.

How to apply at Decathlon

First we recommend you to have a good resume, that’s why we leave you for free these cv models

To apply for Decathlon Jobs, you can do it from their official website. The search filters allow you to save time to distinguish the type of contract, trade, location or even time of work. Click on the targeted ads and select the “Apply” function.

Initially only the CV is requested. You then have the option to import an existing file or manually enter your personal information. To simplify the process, Decathlon does not offer a dedicated account for the recruitment space.

Requirements to work at Decathlon

To work in one of the large surfaces of the multinational group controlled by the French group Mulliez, with more than 25 years of presence in the world, it is necessary to meet a number of basic requirements:

  • To be of legal age and not exceed the mandatory retirement age.
  • At the research level, only the Compulsory Secondary Education Certificate (ESO) or equivalent is required for positions such as cashier, commercial or logistics operator. Reside in the same county as the job and can reach the point of sale in your own car or by public transportation.
  • Be a sports fan and, if possible, exercise regularly. Candidates with experience or expertise in a particular sport will be evaluated positively.
  • A clear focus on customer satisfaction by providing products and services that will keep them coming back tomorrow. Bet on strong commercial engagement to dramatically drive revenue growth.
  • By working on both physical store and online store strategies, you can manage the necessary projects to ensure sufficient inventory. Active involvement in mall operations and management team decisions.
  • Feel specific, winning and eager to bring new ideas to the Decathlon project.

Experience what it’s like to work at Decathlon

At Decathlon, recruitment essentially consists of applying for available jobs. A pre-selection is made by an experienced employee. This arranges an appointment that can be individualized or take the form of a group or even sports session. Depending on the responsibilities of the position, the manager may decide on a second meeting. At the end of this process, a job offer is made to the selected candidates.

Salaries and wages at Decathlon: How much do you earn?

Decathlon is one of several multinational companies seeking to hire people to fill new positions in hundreds of clothing, apparel and sports equipment stores. Fixed contracts and starting salaries for new employees start at a total of 1,322.95 $ per month, rising to a total of 1,598.50 $ per month for department or logistics unit managers.

The monthly salary at Decathlon for the position of Workshop Technician is 5,065 $ per month. The average salary at Decathlon is between approximately 18,000 $ per year for the position of cashier and 48,664 $ per year for the position of Project Manager.

The most common professions to work at Decathlon

The different professions at Decathlon are very diverse and number as many as 300. There are R&D and design professions, engineering positions, designers and model makers, logistics managers and finally the product manager.

Decathlon can be divided into several groups, including the store, supply and design, IT, supply and logistics, communication, finance, payroll, production and quality. Each group is important because all staff have the role of fully satisfying customers, whether in terms of products or techniques.

What are the working hours at Decathlon?

Among your working hours, the most common job is to work a full 40 hours a week and work 8 hours a day. With this job, you typically work five days a week, with two days off. We also find part-time jobs, which are perfect for students or people with little work capacity, for which we will work 20 to 25 hours a week without including any extra work.

This is the decathlon that left its mark on our lives. Buying any sports equipment is the solution for the majority and has become almost a philosophy for sportsmen.