How to work at Carrefour
How to work at Carrefour

How to work at Carrefour 2024

Being a member group and renowned in this field, the Carrefour group has an important place and attracts a lot of attention on an international level. Working at Carrefour is a way to be able to enter in the field of commerce and especially in the hypermarket. For this, you can count on us.

Internationally, Carrefour has 320,000 employees, 12,000 stores, with a significant share in Latin America, and in particular in Brazil, where Carrefour is the market leader. It is a very large market that is in full expansion.

How to apply at Carrefour

First we recommend you to have a good resume, that’s why we leave you for free these cv templates To apply for jobs at Carrefour, you can do it from their social platforms such as Infojobs or LinkedIn

To apply for a position at Carrefour, we developed a process to make it easier. In general, you must submit your application online by choosing the type of contract you are looking for, location and skills. Then, you must choose between sending a CV or answering a fifteen-minute questionnaire. Next, you should create a candidate space to keep track of the progress of the recruitment process. With a positive feedback from the recruiter, the answer will be given after 2 days to a month and the application will be shortlisted.

What is it like to work at Carrefour

Here, we leave you in detail the experience of working in the Carrefour company by one of its employees.

The size of the stores is adapted to the number of inhabitants and the geographical area: Carrefour hypermarkets, Carrefour Market, Carrefour City, Carrefour Express, etc. Carrefour’s e-commerce also brings together several brands, including Promocash, a cash and carry system with wholesale food products for professionals. The success of Carrefour’s e-commerce is due to efficient and interactive sales procedures. The unit is, for example, the innovative solution for online shopping.

Salaries at Carrefour

Salaries at Carrefour are made according to status, position and also offered during recruitment. An intern earns 1,367 $, a supply chain manager with CDI status earns 68,375 $ annually, a marketing manager with CDI status earns 48,388 $ annually and a hypermarket manager with CDI status earns 99,933 $ annually.

Carrefour recruits more than 300 different professions. However, it currently has 6 major business categories such as: real estate and asset management, purchasing – marketing – quality, transversal functions (administration, finance, legal, etc.), store and drive, services (banking, insurance) and supply chain – production.

For careers at Carrefour, there are first of all, field assignments in supermarkets and hypermarkets, immersion in convenience stores and in the supply chain department, as well as assignments in the head office and international. Then there is the 2-year Hypermarket Manager graduate program, in which new graduates gain experience in managing such structures. Finally, there is the Graduate Finance program, which includes assignments in corporate, business unit and finance department management.