How to work at Cabify
How to work at Cabify

How to work at Cabify 2023

Every worker registered on the Cabify platform is an independent professional , who must organize his legal status and register his activity. First, to become a Cabify private driver, you must meet the following relevant criteria:

  • Be of legal age.
  • Have held a car license for more than 3 years in a row.
  • Be the owner of a Cabify-approved vehicle, with car insurance up to date
  • Have liability insurance and professional liability insurance
  • Have a clean criminal record

How to apply for Cabify

First we recommend you to have a good resume, that’s why we provide you with these free resume templates

To apply for Cabify’s jobs, you can do it on their official website

What is it like to work for Cabify

The experiences of working in the VTC as in Cabify, are long hours of driving, few breaks and very fair salary to the amount of fatigue and hours of work that make their employees or freelancers.

Your vehicle must meet the VTC standard , that is, have more than 4 passenger seats (9 maximum), exceed 4.50 meters long and 1.7 meters wide , have at least 4 doors and a trunk for any luggage.

Salaries at Cabify

A Cabify employee does not receive large sums of money each month, despite the companies’ promises to do so. As ex-employees of this company comment, salaries are offered from 1,156 $ per month up to 1,261 euros per month for a normal working day, there are also lower amounts. The company also offers incentives and commissions.

The salary varies with a cab driver because this type of license is usually much cheaper than a cab license.