How to work at Bershka
How to work at Bershka

How to work at Bershka 2023

They have job positions in their Bershka stores such as clerk, logistics, office or the product part. If your idea is to send an online resume to Bershka, the first thing you should do is visit their website and sign up. The minimum requirement they ask for is the E.S.O. degree.

The brand has 3 main lines: Bershka, BSK and Men. Among them we can find casual, basic and sportswear, jeans, accessories and shoes. Whether you are a former customer, young or teenager, these clothing stores are known by everyone nowadays. By design, this chain is not very demanding, although it depends largely on where you are heading.

If you do not have a professional resume template, we provide you with free resume templates that companies request to find a job.

They are looking for profiles with good communication skills, good public relations, responsible and punctuality.

How to apply in Bershka

Link to Bershka employment. Search Bershka’s job offers, select the job you are most interested in and, if you meet the requirements, click on “Apply“. This way you enter the job market and if they decide to interview you, they will call you to schedule you for a group interview with more people. Their employment platform allows you to activate alerts and filter job offers by salary, research requirements and more.

How to get a job at bershka

You can also apply for Bershka jobs directly to their official Infojobs or LinkedIn accounts.

At Bershka, you can apply for various positions depending on your qualifications, e.g. Marketing Manager, Store Manager, Stylist, etc. In these job categories, you can appreciate the urban style of Bershka, mainly the presentation of its photographs and youthful images. As for the clothing designs, they are produced entirely by a creative team that specializes in market trends to quickly adapt to today’s changing fashions.

Salaries at Bershka

Salaries vary depending on the brand we work for or the position and qualification we have. Here are some examples.

Store clerk 16,876 $/year
Warehouse Assistant 23,353 $/year
Product Manager 41,183 $/year


Bershka often has part-time jobs during business hours or permanent if they are currently full-time, depending on the location of the store and the opening hours.

Shopping malls have opening hours from 10:00 to 22:00, but stores in cities are usually open from 10:00 to 21:00. You may work four hours each morning or afternoon, Monday through Saturday. If you work 40 hours, you will work five days a week, Monday to Saturday, possibly in shifts.

What it’s like to work at Bershka

Many of the workers indicate that they are very happy with this brand of the Inditex group. Teamwork will be one of the basic aspects that Bershka will take into account when selecting employees.

Bershka sells casual, active and basic clothing. Its stores combine this young and fresh concept with an avant-garde design, in which the shop windows and the layout of the stores flow between the city and the industry.

If you want to work in this brand, you should know that this is a brand aimed primarily at young women, although it also has a collection for men and today has more than a thousand stores in different countries around the world.

Companies value your passion and commitment more than your training or experience. Of course, it is much easier to get a job if you have both.

How to become a Bershka model 2023

In most cases, it is essential to know the trends in the textile and garment industry, fashion and different job opportunities. Being fluent in English and knowing how to deal with colleagues and bosses, is an added plus over other modeling people. If you have all this and you are a young person, your chances increase to finally get a job as a model at Bershka.

Cómo ser modelo de Bershka

Requirements to be a Bershka model

In addition to the small standard sizes specially designed for small children, there are even those for larger bodies. The measurements should be representative of the majority of users, so there should not be a significant limit.

It is important that the model represents health and vitality. It can be shown to all people who receive the brand and want to wear the brand’s clothing.


Young audience, especially between the ages of 18 and 25.

Height and Measurements

Women: Minimum height 1,70 cm. Chest 88cm. Waist 66 cm, Hips 94 cm.

Men: Minimum Height 1,80 cm. Chest 99 cm, Waist 79 cm, Hips 99 cm.


If you have previous modeling experience, getting a job with this company will be easier. However, if you are just starting out as a model in this fascinating world, it is important to start with a positive attitude and trust in your qualities in order to gain experience.

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